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The Exoneration of Leo Frank is Coming and Nothing Can Stop It

GEORGIA: The Black Fulton County D.A. Paul L. Howard, Jr., announces the new “Conviction Integrity Unit” specifically designed to exonerate Jewish sex-strangler Leo Frank and reverse his conviction for murdering a 13-year-old White girl. Howard is flanked by former Gov. Roy Barnes and Melissa D. Redmon, director of the University of Georgia Law School.

by Steve Voes

THIS INFORMATION COMES WITH permission directly from an insider source who has given me reliable information in the past, whose name I absolutely must keep confidential and who has been keeping me abreast of developments of this nature.

My government insider associate has informed me that Leo Frank, the Atlanta B’nai B’rith president who strangled little Mary Phagan, a 13-year-old White girl who worked in his factory, to death after sexually assaulting her there, will be “exonerated” in 2019. This has been a goal of organized Jews for over a century.

The fix is in. A “deal” has been made between Jews — and the Black establishment that now nominally rules once-White Atlanta — and a remnant of pathetic, truckling, corrupt White officials.

Previously, the strong evidence against Frank, and the once-proud tradition of honor among Southern Whites, made exoneration impossible and it was repeatedly rejected despite the strongest pressure from Jews.

Blacks, too, had previously been resistant to exonerating Frank, and it was a Black nationalist group, the Nation of Islam, which had published one of the best books on the Frank case, The Lynching of a Guilty Man, in 2016 (which was made into an audio book by the American Mercury). Many Blacks also strongly resented the efforts of the pro-Frank forces, which included the ADL, to successively frame two innocent Black men, Newt Lee and James Conley, for the crime. The effort to frame Conley, who died nearly 60 years ago, continues even today. (more…)

Scandal Then and Now: Southern Knights the Leo Frank Case, 1999 Canada Government Funded, State TV propaganda Broadcast.

Southern Knights (1999): “Scandal Then and Now”, Canadian government propaganda (see the credits) stacked almost entirely with Leo Frank partisan-hacks, Jewish supremacists, Jewish mythmakers, Jewish ethnocentrists, allied co-religionists, Jewish activist scriptwriters in the background, Jewish pseudo-scholars, and tabloidesque Journalists. The only voice of opposition in the script is Mary Phagan-Kean, namesake and great-niece of the 1913 murder victim, “little” Mary Phagan. She was so small, the L in her nickname is lowercase. The homicidal serial-pedophile and sex strangler Leo Frank mutilated the girl’s face and body, he urinated on her corpse when it was in the basement (police found her clothes from head to toe covered in urine). The information war has been going strong for his rehabilitation.

Press the vertical bars at the bottom right of the video player to turn on or off the sound, and adjust its strength.

[evp_embed_video url=”https://www.leofrank.org/videos/scandal-then-and-now-southern-knights-leo-frank-case.mp4″ autoplay=”true”]

Download: https://www.leofrank.org/videos/scandal-then-and-now-southern-knights-leo-frank-case.mp4

Source: https://archive.org/details/scandal-then-and-now-southern-knights-leo-frank-case

You Need to Watch This Before History is ERASED | (Leo Frank Trial & the ADL)

Always Graceful‘ on the Leo Frank Case: You Need to Watch This Before History is ERASED | (Leo Frank Trial & the ADL). Press the vertical bars at the bottom right of the video player to turn on the sound.

[evp_embed_video url=”https://www.leofrank.org/videos/you-need-to-watch-this-before-history-is-erased-leo-frank-trial-and-the-adl.mp4″ autoplay=”true”]

Please subscribe to Always Graceful’s YouTube channel and give this video about the Phagan-Frank true crime, hosted there, a thumbs-up and some educated comments. Before commenting on the said video at YouTube, please familiarize yourself with the facts of the case.

Tech Giant Censorship and Bias (BigTech)

Google, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, and other top tier Internet technology companies, which provide among their whole suite of tools, web-based Interactivity and discovery, essentially constitute an oligopoly over social media and search engines — the flow of information — and surprisingly admit on a regular basis to being culturally leftist dominated. For years now there have been numerous breaking headline news reports about major waves of censorship, suppression, shadow banning, demotion, deplatforming, and account deletion of those people or groups propounding politically incorrect ideas among the bigtech company Internet platforms. The Internet is replete with articles, podcasts, and vlogs about the political bias of these mega e-business firms, even from mainstream news sources friendly, or in alignment to left-leaning political views.

Mainstream Media (MSM) Dominance Declines

With the MSM’s viewership in a slow insipid terminal decline, and alt-media on the rise, the bullying attempts to silence dissenting or un-orthodox ideas is being seen as the last gasps of these once-dominant media companies that are being labeled dinosaurs-in-the-making. Alt-Tech is the future, but it’s going to be a struggle uphill, because those in power over the popular culture at present, are doing everything they can within their means to stop the upward trajectory of their opposition displacing them.

What ADL Censorship Taught Everyone About The First Amendment

With the CEO of Google publicly admitting that more than 9 million videos have been deleted from YouTube, many people now understand  “putting their eggs in one basket” is no longer the way forward. ADL partnering with BigTech to suppress ideas Jewish groups don’t approve of means everyone learned the lesson that to win the information war, all articles, audio and video programs must be uploaded and shared on multiple platforms, the more, the safer.

We feature a local backup copy of this insightful montage, here on the Leo Frank Research Library, just in case oligarchal YouTube censors the insightful video for exposing Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith as a Jewish tribalist and anti-Gentile organization born in the aftermath of Mary Phagan’s rape-strangulation and Leo Frank’s trial.

The Malicious Exoneration of Leo Frank

ADL has for generations been seeking to maliciously exonerate the most famous Jewish sex killer and had achieved a half-baked success in the 1980s, when Leo Frank was given a disputed pardon which officially stated he was not being exonerated (the parole board wrote, “without addressing the issue of innocence or guilt”). Thus, Leo Frank had been given his civil rights back to be able to vote, for instance, but many people in Georgia were scratching their heads, wondering, how a man who had been dead for 71 years could vote when he wasn’t registered as a Democrat* (Leo Frank’s political affiliation was independent according to his 1906 Cornell University yearbook demographic information). *Democrats are notorious for a specific kind of voter registration fraud, typically registering dead people to vote and then voting democrat under their name, with either mail-in ballots or sending in an imposter to vote as the deceased person.

Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith Drops B’nai B’rith

After Leo Frank was illegally given a posthumous pardon on March 11, 1986, by the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles, ADL divested the B’nai B’rith part of its name and became a completely independent organization from its parent group. In 1987, Abraham Foxman was elevated to the National Director of ADL, he retired mid-summer on the 100th anniversary of Leo Frank’s lynching. In 2015, Foxman had been active in ADL for about 50 years and was replaced with Jonathan Greenblatt. Today Foxman is still an active member of Anti-Defamation League, but in a background advisory role, “Emeritus National Director of ADL”.

Leo Frank, Atlanta B’nai B’rith President 1912-1914

Leo Frank was the president of the Atlanta B’nai B’rith chapter and shortly after his conviction, B’nai B’rith created Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, a new Jewish activist group galvanized by his criminal case.

Jewish Groups Partner With Bigtech For Content Curation

Partnering with ADL, SPLC, and other Jewish groups, YouTube has in the last 2 years censored more than 9 million videos because they contained politically incorrect ideas or were offensive to racially conscious Jewish activist groups, so we felt it necessary to make a duplicate of this controversial video here for archival purposes and commentary.

Atlanta Georgia Conviction Integrity Unit

One month prior to the video’s May 22nd publication, on April 26, 2019, the 106th anniversary of Mary Phagan’s slaying, Atlanta District Attorney, Paul Howard, announced the founding of ‘The Conviction Integrity Unit’ (CIU). The CIU was created at the behest of former Governor of Georgia, Roy Barnes, and ADL attorney Dale Schwartz, to re-investigate the murder case of Mary Phagan and to clandestinely exonerate Leo Frank. Roy Barnes who is a long-time defender of Leo Frank is going to be an adviser to DA Paul Howard during the process of investigating the case. Recently, Barnes has been promoting the hoax about people shouting “hang the Jew” at the trial jury, hoping it will get legs in the media and it can be used as a justification to rehabilitate Leo Frank. The hoax was first widely made public by Leonard Dinnerstein in The American Jewish Archive Journal of 1968, the article in question is called ‘Leo Frank and the American Jewish Community.’

YouTube Source: You Need to Watch This Before History is ERASED

Download Video: You Need to Watch This Before History is ERASED


After 84 years filled with love and laughter, Leonard Dinnerstein, distinguished historian, beloved husband, father, brother, father-in-law, zeyde, uncle, cousin and friend, died on Tuesday, January 22, 2019. Born on May 5, 1934 in the Bronx to an immigrant father from what is now Belarus and the daughter of immigrants from modern-day Romania, he grew up and lived the first half of his life in New York City. After receiving an undergraduate degree from City College of New York and a PhD from Columbia University, he spent the bulk of his career at the University of Arizona where he served as a Professor of History from 1970 through 2004, as well as the Director of Judaic Studies from 1993 through 2000. He wrote and co-authored numerous books, including the Leo Frank Case, Natives and Strangers: Ethnic Groups and the Building of Modern America, Ethnic Americans: A History of Immigration and Assimilation, America and the Survivors of the Holocaust, Anti-Semitism in America. Donations in his honor can be made to the Friends of the Pima County Public Library (pimafriends.com) and the National Immigration Law Center (nilc.com). A Funeral Service will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, January 27, 2019, at EVERGREEN MORTUARY AND CEMETERY, 3015 North Oracle Road, Tucson, AZ 85705.

Source: https://tucson.com/lifestyles/announcements/obituaries/dinnerstein-leonard/article_9cb20de4-2144-11e9-9f93-1fca6c5460a2.html

Leonard Dinnerstein, 84, Dies; Scholar of Anti-Semitism in U.S.

Leonard Dinnerstein, a historian whose doctoral dissertation on the 1915 lynching of Leo Frank, a Jewish factory manager, in Atlanta heralded his career as one of the nation’s foremost scholars of anti-Semitism, died on Jan. 22 at his home in Tucson. He was 84.

The cause was complications of kidney failure, his daughter, Julie Dinnerstein, said. He had spent most of his academic career at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Professor Dinnerstein was a young scholar who had completed postgraduate course work at Columbia University in 1963 and was gravitating toward a thesis topic on political history when his wife proposed a more contemporary subject, like civil rights.

His adviser approved, he recalled, and as he was leaving the building following their meeting an acquaintance reminded him that “the Jews were involved in civil rights before it became a Negro issue,” he would later write. Another friend suggested that the topic be narrowed further to Leo Frank.

“My response was, ‘Who’s Leo Frank?’ ” Professor Dinnerstein recounted.

He went on to research and write about Frank, who ran a pencil factory and was sentenced to death for the strangling in 1913 of Mary Phagan, a 13-year-old employee. After the governor commuted the sentence to life imprisonment, a mob kidnapped Frank and hanged him.

No one was prosecuted for the lynching. As a result, and because the state had failed to protect Frank so that he could pursue legal appeals, he was posthumously pardoned in 1986 by the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles, although not officially absolved of the crime itself.

Professor Dinnerstein’s thesis was published in 1968 by Columbia University Press, titled simply “The Leo Frank Case.” It has never been out of print.

“The book launched my professional academic career in 1968,” he wrote in the preface to a 2008 revised edition, which added an up-to-date perspective to the original exploration of what Professor Dinnerstein described as “the ambivalence that Southerners felt toward Jews” and “the poor judgments that some Jews made when trying to defend Frank.”

Leo Frank on trial in 1913 for the murder of Mary Phagan in Atlanta. Mr. Dinnerstein wrote a book about the case and Frank’s subsequent lynching.

Atlanta Journal Constitution/Associated Press”

The case divided people both by class as well as religion.

After the verdict, based on evidence that some viewed as questionable, prominent Jews across the country — including Louis Marshall of the American Jewish Committee; Albert Lasker, the advertising executive; and Adolph Ochs, the publisher of The New York Times — weighed in on Frank’s behalf.

Professor Dinnerstein’s 1994 book has been regarded as the definitive one on American anti-Semitism.

“There are still people who sincerely believe that Frank was guilty of the crime for which he was convicted,” Professor Dinnerstein wrote. “I have no doubts: Frank was innocent.”

In perhaps his most authoritative work, “Anti-Semitism in America” (1994), he argued that age-old European prejudice against Jews was instilled in the New World by the earliest settlers, reinforced by successive waves of Protestant and Roman Catholic immigrants and ingrained as “an irrevocable part of the American heritage.”

The book has been regarded as the definitive examination of American anti-Semitism and was cited in 2017 by the House Judiciary Committee in a hearing on anti-Semitism on college campuses.

Anti-Semitism peaked in the late 1930s and early ′40s, when, Professor Dinnerstein wrote, Americans were unnerved by the Depression and anxious about another war in Europe. Some, he said, felt trapped between what they imagined was a global cabal of Jewish bankers and an influx of subversive Jewish refugees.

In his book, Professor Dinnerstein quoted one demagogue warning of “200,000 Communist Jews at the Mexican border waiting to get into this country,” a horde that not only threatened democracy but, if admitted, would also “rape every woman and child that is left unprotected.”

But Professor Dinnerstein concluded that relations between Jews and gentiles had improved over time.

“Not only did Pope John XXIII inaugurate a new emphasis on interfaith dialogue, but the Second Vatican Council specifically ‘exonerated’ Jews for Christ’s death,” he wrote, referring to reforms by the Roman Catholic Church in the mid-1960s.

Telling Story of Leo Frank From His Jail Cell By Ab Cahan Journalist of Forward.com

Telling Story of Leo Frank From His Jail Cell
Forward Editor Journeyed South To Interview Convicted Jew

By Ab Cahan

Published August 20, 2013, issue of August 23, 2013.

The 1913 trial and conviction of Leo Frank stoked a fiery public debate across America about race, religion, class and anti-Semitism. Frank’s case was so important to the Jewish community that the Forward’s editor, Abraham Cahan, traveled to Atlanta in 1914 to visit Frank in his jail cell. Cahan devoted 250 pages to Frank in the fifth volume of his memoirs, published in Yiddish in 1931. The following is an excerpt, translated by Chana Pollack, the Forward’s archivist, and edited for length and style.

Read more: http://forward.com/articles/182405/telling-story-of-leo-frank-from-his-jail-cell/

Chapter 29 — I Travel To Atlanta

His cell was on an upper level. Behind iron bars stood a thin, brown haired young man with impressionable, intelligent eyes and next to him, inside his cell, a tall pretty young woman. They were Frank and his wife.

The portraits of him that I’d seen in the newspapers were similar to the original item. I recognized him immediately.

We greeted each other through the bars, and he introduced me to Mrs. Frank.

The neighboring cells — six — were empty. As I immediately realized, the Sheriff had intentionally not placed other prisoners there, in order for Frank to feel more comfortable, and to be able to have friends visit because the Sheriff, a man named Wheeler Mangum, was convinced that Frank was innocent and he did everything so that Frank’s life in captivity would be easier.

He had also permitted him to bring his own bed and bedding from home.

One of the cells was larger than the others, and the Franks and their guests used it as a parlor, sitting or standing and speaking through the bars.

Only Mrs. Frank was permitted by the Sheriff to go inside his cell. The rest of the visitors used to stand outside in the open ‘parlor.’ Mrs. Frank used to spend entire days there in his cell.

I jokingly remarked about the ‘seven room apartment’ that Frank rented here and he laughed heartily.

He told of how loyal the Sheriff was to him. At the time of the trial he was the one who, for the most part, drove Frank back and forth from the prison to court and back.

Once, when the trial neared its end, an angry crowd began pushing over to their car. Sheriff Mangum became upset.

Frank was seated next to him and in order to better protect his prisoner, Mangum told him to go sit behind him. Then, he drew his pistol out saying, “if they want to get you, they’ll have to get to you through my dead body. At any rate I’m an old man. You’re still young.”

Chapter 31 — What Frank Told Me About The Issue Of Anti-Semitism

I spoke with Frank at length in the beginning regarding the connection of anti-Semitism to his case. His answer to my question was as follows: “Anti-Semitism is absolutely not the reason for this libel that has been framed against me. The police harassed me because they have no one else to accuse. Because I’m a Jew, in their incitement they knew they could take advantage of my background too. And it was important to attack Jews overall. Don’t forget that this is the South where a Negro has no value. A Negro isn’t to be believed and one is always ready to blame them for the most serious crimes. And now, how is Conley [the prosecution’s star witness, a black factory sweeper] to be believed against a White? Though a Jew is actually not a Southern Christian, he is still a White. So they found it necessary to belittle the Jews so that a Negro against a Jew is believable.”

“If I were an Italian, they would be inciteful against me as an

Italian,” he proposed in a tone of someone deeply convinced.

Mrs. Frank who was born and raised in Atlanta, supported her husband’s claim. She gave me some examples of Jews in Atlanta who have always felt at home among the Christians.

“We became close, intimate friends, Jewish and Christian girls,” she said. “We frequently visited each other and our families were also close friends. We went to each other’s homes as guests, to each other’s weddings and parties. We knew nothing else. In the North it’s not like that. But here, in the South, it’s always been different.”

I heard similarly from other Jews in town. But the Frank case, with the incitements the police had circulated against the Jewish superintendent of the pencil factory, fired up angry feelings against all Jews — at the very least among the rabble.

“Once the masses were incited, simply insane with xenophobia,” Frank said, “they would just as soon believe even a Negro against a Jew.”

Many Christians, especially the intelligentsia, treated the Jews generally with their usual friendliness, whether they were swept up in the anti-Frank stream or not.

In one of my further discussions with Frank I asked if he had heard of the Beilis Trial. [Mendel Beilis was tried in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1913 for allegedly murdering a Christian boy to use his blood to make matzo. Beilis was acquitted.]

“Yes, I read about it,” Frank answered, “in one of the Jewish weeklies that are published in English. I assure you however, that my case has nothing in common with it.”

“But once the anti-Semitic poison has been poured in, there are certain similarities between your tragedy and Beilis’s. There a libel and here a libel.”

“Yes, a libel!,” Frank responded. “But with Beilis they made a true anti-Semitic libel, the ridiculous accusation that Jews desire Christian blood in their matzo. My case is simply a misfortune. There’s no telling how much trouble it’s created! Further on, this trouble grew into a bitterness against me as a Jew and as a Brooklyner, as superintendent of a factory, and as anything else you can want.”

My impression was that Frank didn’t want to make too much out of the anti-Semitism question in his case. He didn’t tell me that in those words precisely; I however, felt his wish and in several notes I made and in longer sections of a few articles I prepared, I didn’t use it. Now, however, when I write these pages [of my memoir] they are part of my material.

Read more:
Telling Story of Leo Frank From His Jail Cell

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Anti-Semitism Taints Leo Frank Murder Case

Aftermath of Jaffa Bombing, Civil Rights March on Washington

Forward Association

Poser: Russian choreographer Michel Fokine was a major innovator in the field of classical ballet. His Ballets Russes, performed for western audiences, were likely a hit with Forverts readers.

1913 100 years ago

Anti-Semitism Affects Frank Case

A committee has been organized to help the cause of Leo Frank, a 24-year-old Jewish factory manager who has been sentenced to death for murdering a 13-year-old girl by the name of Mary Phagan. Franks supporters claim that he is innocent and that the anti-Semitic air of the trial unduly influenced the jury. In fact, Franks supporters argue that the anti-Semitic atmosphere of the entire city of Atlanta poisoned the case. The supporters point to the celebrations that took place all over the city after Frank was declared guilty. The Jewish community, and those who actually know Frank, continues to be shocked at the charges and the sentence and continues to proclaim his innocence. More and more groups, among them a growing number of Christians, are also protesting Franks innocence. It has become evident that the anti-Semitism of a large number of Southerners has infected the outcome of Franks case.

1938 75 years ago

Aftermath of Jaffa Bomb

The tense atmosphere in Jaffa has calmed down a bit only days after a huge bomb in the citys marketplace killed two children. It is evident even the Arabs are saying so that the bomb was not planted by Jews. In fact, many Arabs are claiming that the British planted the bomb as revenge for the recent assassination of Commissioner Walter Moffat. Others say that the bomb was planted by an Arab provocateur intent on inciting the Arabs against the Jews. As far as local Jews are concerned, they arent sure who planted the bomb, and they dont rule out that it could have been a foreign provocateur, or even the Nazis.

1963 50 years ago

See the original post here:
Anti-Semitism Taints Leo Frank Murder Case

Neo-Nazis Behind Leo Frank Propaganda Sites

Intelligence Report, Winter 2013, Issue Number: 152, Neo-Nazis Behind Leo Frank Propaganda Sites

Just over a century ago, on Aug. 25, 1913, a Georgia jury found factory superintendent Leo Frank guilty of the horrific murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan, whose strangled corpse was found in the basement of Atlanta’s National Pencil Company, which Frank ran. Frank, who was 29 at the time, was said to have flirted with the young girl and was supposedly the last person to see her alive. A jury sentenced him to death for the crime.

In 1915, Georgia’s governor, citing concerns about a miscarriage of justice, commuted Frank’s sentence. Soon after that, a mob calling itself the “Knights of Mary Phagan” kidnapped Frank from prison and lynched him.

The Frank case reawakened the Ku Klux Klan, sparking its so-called “second era,” and inspired a wave anti-Semitic sentiment. And though Frank was posthumously pardoned in 1986, 100 years after the fact, his case remains a cause célèbre among American anti-Semites. In August, The Jewish Daily Forward published a groundbreaking article exploring the modern Leo Frank propaganda industry and the websites it has produced.

Most serious historians of the period have concluded that Leo Frank, a Jewish man who ran an Atlanta pencil factory, was innocent of the 1913 murder of a 13-year-old girl for which he was lynched. But that hasn’t stopped websites run by neo-Nazis from pronouncing him guilty — and typical of the Jewish “race.” BETTMANN/CORBIS IMAGES

As the Forward noted, most anti-Semitic sites dedicated to Frank are registered anonymously. On the 100th anniversary of Phagan’s death, The American Mercury, a resurrected and deeply anti-Semitic online version of H. L. Mencken’s defunct magazine of the same name, published an article by the apparently pseudonymous Bradford L. Huie titled, “100 Reasons Leo Frank is Guilty,” which has been widely reposted on white nationalist Internet forums.

Other anti-Frank propagandists are all too happy to take credit for their efforts. The Forward identified Kevin Strom, a bookish neo-Nazi with a fondness for child pornography, as the brains behind LeoFrank.info, one of the more polished anti-Frank sites. A former deputy to the late William Pierce, leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, Strom broke away to form his own radical group, National Vanguard. Later, in 2007, he was indicted for possession of child pornography and eventually convicted. His group dissolved as a result, but Strom since his release has continued to work behind the scenes.

Two of the sites noted by the Forward are run by John de Nugent, a self-styled ombudsman for the “responsible white separatist community” who claims, among other things, that “Whites descend from Nordic Aliens, and this is why we are NOT from this planet and are VERY different from other races.”

De Nugent’s LeoFrank.org is more obviously anti-Semitic than Strom’s site, but still polished enough to fool a naïve young student.


Murder In Harlem (1935) – Oscar Micheaux Film [aka Lem Hawkins’ Confession]

A black night watchman in a chemical factory finds the body of a young white woman in the basement. Blamed for the murder, the man is tried but the real killer is unmasked during the trial. Loosely based upon elements of the Leo Frank murder trial. www.imdb.com


See more here:
Murder In Harlem (1935) – Oscar Micheaux Film [aka Lem Hawkins’ Confession]

Neo-Nazis Use Leo Frank Case for Anti-Semitic Propaganda Push By Paul Berger

Neo-Nazis Use Leo Frank Case for Anti-Semitic Propaganda Push
White Supremacists Exploit Interest in Jewish Lynch Victim

By Paul Berger

Published August 20, 2013, issue of August 23, 2013.

Read more: http://forward.com/articles/182404/neo-nazis-use-leo-frank-case-for-anti-semitic-prop/

The conviction and lynching of Leo Frank a century ago galvanized the rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan. Today, the centenary of Frank’s murder trial is galvanizing neo-Nazis.

A slew of anti-Semitic websites, some professionally designed and purporting to be balanced online archives with URLs like leofrank.info and leofrank.org, are seeking to attract curious researchers and to revise history.

“This is an attempt to reach the minds of young people and poison them,” said Mark Potok, editor-in-chief of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report.

Kevin Strom

Leo Frank was convicted of the murder of 13-yearold Mary Phagan in Atlanta in 1913. Two years later, after his death sentence was reduced to life in prison, a group of men kidnapped Frank from prison and lynched him.

Frank has been a Jewish cause célèbre ever since, with many journalists and scholars questioning his guilt. “To discredit Leo Frank’s story is in some ways to really take on the Jews,” Potok said.

Neo-Nazis are discussing Frank’s case vociferously online. A Frank Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/leofrankcase) page links to neo-Nazi sites. The American Mercury, H.L. Mencken’s historic magazine, resurrected online by neo-Nazis several years ago, has published several revisionist articles to coincide with this year’s anniversary.

It is impossible to say who is behind most of the neo-Nazi websites because they are registered anonymously. Their Web hosts, citing privacy rules, refuse to divulge the identities of their owners.

But one site did not hide its origins. Leofrank.info is registered to Kevin Strom of Charlottesville, Va. Strom is a well-known neo-Nazi who had significant clout and influence on the American white supremacist scene until a few years ago, when he was convicted of possessing child pornography.

Today, Strom publishes the racist National Vanguard online magazine. The Southern Poverty Law Center says Strom is “arguably the only true intellectual remaining in the American neo-Nazi movement following the 2002 death of National Alliance founder William Pierce.”

In response to the Forward’s inquiry about Strom, the Anti-Defamation League said it believes he is behind at least four anti-Semitic Leo Frank sites.

Marilyn Mayo, a director of the ADL’s center on extremism, said that leofrank.info, leofrank.org and maryphagan.info were all registered within days of each other in 2010 using the same company: Mesh Digital, in Surrey, England. The three sites, plus another one registered in the same year, leofrank.tv, are hosted by the same Texas company, ThePlanet.com.

ThePlanet.com did not respond to requests for comment. Karen Heaven, a spokeswoman for Host Europe Group, which bought Mesh Digital in 2012, said that because her company does not host the anti-Semitic websites it could not comment on their content.

Leofrank.tv is a blatantly anti-Semitic website. A video titled “Achtung Juden — the Knights of Mary Phagan,” a reference to the vigilantes who cried out for Frank’s hanging a century ago, sits at the top of the landing page.

Leofrank.org and leofrank.info are more subtly anti-Semitic. Both are well designed and provide links to carefully selected primary source materials, such as the closing arguments of Hugh Dorsey, who prosecuted Frank.

In some places, the sites admit that sources, such as contemporaneous reports by publisher Tom Watson, are anti-Semitic. In others places, they publish falsehoods. Leofrank.org seeks to discredit Steve Oney, author of a highly regarded 650-page investigation of the Frank case, by falsely claiming that he is Jewish.

At heart, the sites are intended to persuade people that Frank was guilty and that Jewish groups are trying to whitewash history.

Mayo said that because such sites look legitimate, unsuspecting people could mistake them for legitimate sources. “Even though they use some historical sources, they distort the information,” Mayo said.

When the Forward called the telephone number associated with leofrank.info, a man who identified himself as Kevin Linden answered. He said that he designed the site but would have to ask the site’s author if he would speak to the Forward. “He’s rather a private fellow,” the man said.

Later, a man who identified himself as Scott Aaron, 50, the site’s author, contacted the Forward by email. Aaron said he became interested in Frank’s case because the “popular literature… didn’t ring true.” In particular he found “the insertion of anti-Semitism as a motive for ‘railroading’ Frank to be insupportable.”

“I hope that scholars and readers, whatever they may think about Frank’s guilt or lack thereof, will be able to see that more anti-Semitism was generated by accusing Southerners of that prejudice in the wake of this case than ever existed before or during it,” Aaron added.

Potok said that there are similarities between the rash of websites anticipating Leo Frank’s anniversary and a spate of sites set up by neo-Nazis during the 1990s to smear Martin Luther King Jr. Potok said those sites were aimed at high school students writing essays on King.

“It took a few minutes to figure out this wasn’t history, this was propaganda,” Potok said.

Contact Paul Berger at berger@forward.com or on Twitter, @pdberger

Read more: http://forward.com/articles/182404/neo-nazis-use-leo-frank-case-for-anti-semitic-prop/

View original post here:
Neo-Nazis Use Leo Frank Case for Anti-Semitic Propaganda Push

Governor John Slaton and the Leo Frank Case National …

American Dissident Voices broadcast of July 25, 2015

by Kevin Alfred Strom

2015 IS THE YEAR of Jewish failure to contain and control the Leo Frank narrative, a narrative they very much want to control in this, the 100th year after Franks death. For in the case of Leo Frank we find century-old confirmation of a pattern a pattern of Jewish sexual license, Jewish racial solidarity even in the case of a Jewish murderer, Jewish corruption of American law and government via money and via media control, and unrelenting use of that media control to distort our history and pervert the truth.

Next month is the 100th anniversary of the carrying out of the sentence of death by hanging imposed by the courts on the Jewish sex killer Leo Max Frank by a group of prominent Georgia men who were outraged by the commutation of his sentence by a corrupt governor, and last month was the 100th anniversary of that commutation. That Governors name, which will live forever as an example of subservience to Jewish power and Jewish propaganda, was John Marshall Slaton (pictured above).

Heres what happened:

In 1913, the Atlanta president of the Jewish Bnai Brith, sweatshop operator Leo M. Frank, was convicted of strangling to death a 13-year-old White girl in his employ Mary Phagan after sexually assaulting her while they were alone on the second floor of the National Pencil Company, of which Frank was the superintendent and part-owner. Jewish hyper-ethnocentrism, networking, and financial and press power came into play almost immediately after Franks arrest and indictment.

The case became a national cause celebre for the Jews, with headlines in major newspapers from San Francisco to New York City trumpeting Franks innocence and the barbarity of the White Southerners who dared to convict him. Fat-headed Whites who believed the fictional newspaper stories of the persecuted member of Gods Chosen were recruited to help in the crusade, and the equivalent of many millions of dollars was raised in his defense.

With this Jewish money, Frank hired the finest and most expensive team of lawyers ever seen in the state of Georgia, yet he was still held by the Coroners Jury still charged by the Grand Jury and still convicted at trial. He hired another expensive legal team and then another, even including the leading Jewish lawyers in the USA and appealed his conviction to the Georgia Court of Appeals and then to the Supreme Court of the United States. In every case, his conviction was upheld.

With this Jewish money, other things were procured as well: Someone planted a bloody shirt at the home of the factorys Black night watchman, Newt Lee, at a time when both Lee and Frank were suspects in the killing. Someone paid a long list of witnesses to leave town or change their stories in ways that favored Frank. Someone paid an unscrupulous attorney named Felder to fraudulently present himself as working for the Phagan family and attempt to illegally obtain evidence and documents in the possession of the police. Someone paid a Pinkerton detective named W.D. McWorth and the Pinkertons were openly in the pay of Frank and the other Jewish owners of the pencil factory to discover a bloody club and what was said to be part of Mary Phagans pay envelope near the ground floor elevator where the factorys Black sweeper, Jim Conley, was keeping watch for Leo Frank that day but the fake was discovered and McWorth dismissed. Someone paid the Pinkertons great rivals the infamous Burns detective agency to take over when the Pinkertons refused to cooperate as the Jews had hoped, and in particular refused to withhold evidence from the police until Leo Franks attorneys had had a look at it.

And, in 1915, when all the appeals had failed and the integrity of the jurys verdict that Leo Frank was guilty and that Leo Frank should hang had been upheld by every jury, every judge, and every court with jurisdiction over the case, there was only one place left for the Jews to try: the outgoing Governor of Georgia, John Slaton. In addition to their glittering wealth and generous largesse, the pro-Frank forces had another ace up their sleeve with John M. Slaton: He was a leading partner in the partly-Jewish law firm that defended Frank and had been so for many months. Even though he could not practice law while governor during his term of two years, for some reason or other the law firm that was defending Frank and which doubtless was receiving a huge portion of the money raised in Franks defense and would receive even more as bonuses for each desired outcome attained sought out Governor Slaton as a partner.

With Leo Franks execution date imminent and all appeals exhausted, and with Governor Slaton leaving office in just days to be replaced by a man without such connections, the time was now or never. One would think that an ethical governor would have nothing to do with, and would not even consider, interfering in the case of a man who was a client of his own law firm, especially when the issue could be handled by the incoming governor, who had no conflict of interest, and who would be in office in less than a week. You would think that a rational governor would know that his political career and Slaton very much wanted to be become United States Senator from Georgia would be over for life if he committed such an ethical lapse. It would take some kind of overwhelming consideration for a man in Slatons position to interfere in the Frank case. But interfere he did.

On June 21, giving a patently specious string of reasons, he commuted the death sentence of Leo Frank to life in prison. He said his conscience impelled him and that he could not live with himself if there was even the possibility that he would have the blood of an innocent man on his hands. That, if true though it hardly sounds like the reasoning process of the same man who blithely ignored the commutation requests of several non-Jews while in office would truly constitute an overwhelming consideration. But you will forgive me when I tell you that the evidence suggests an overwhelming consideration of a quite different kind.

Attorney Luther Z. Rosser, lead counsel for Leo Frank, who had argued his case before the jury, paid a very interesting visit to the home of his law partner Governor Slaton just before the commutation decision was made. For reasons which might not seem too obscure, he arrived late at night. For the same reasons, he approached the mansion by a back street, parked several blocks away, and entered the grounds on foot via a dark alley. He did not leave until well after midnight.

I quote from Watsons The Celebrated Case of Leo Frank:

What Rosser said to Slaton in this clandestine meeting, will never be known; but it was noticed that next day the lamentations of the Jews were replaced by sly grins, and offers to bet ten to one that Slaton would commute!

Read the following, not as evidence of Franks guilt, or as proof of Slatons hypocrisy and perfidy, but as a side-light on events in Atlanta:

Atlanta, June 22.

Mr. Tom Watson:

What I tell you I know to be true as God is light, and it is this: The Jews all gathered at the home of the Seligs, on Washington Street, where Franks wife and father-in-law live, and from 8 till 12 oclock, they had a regular old-time Belshazzar feast. They drank wine, high balls, whiskey and beer, and smoked and sang, and had music; and there were not less than a hundred and twenty automobiles full of Jews that came there from the time I say to the late hour.

Now, they all knew Slaton had commuted Frank, and were celebrating it.

And I know a policeman who was on the streets yesterday, to make out like controlling the mob, and he told me he passed the jail every night at 12 oclock for a year, and going on duty, and never saw a light in the office of the Sheriff till Saturday night, and he was surprised to see the Sheriff sitting there like he was waiting for somebody, and suddenly a Jew came running up and tapped on the window, and the Sheriff raised the window and the Jew whispered to him, and the Sheriff smiled, and then the Jew ran off and the Sheriff closed the window. Now, that showed conspiracy, and that Slaton was working with the Jews all the time.

In other words, the Jews knew some on Friday, and some on Saturday that Slaton had commuted the sentence.

John Slaton did not announce his commutation order until Sunday.

After you hear my words and read the sources I have provided on the Frank case, I invite you to watch the NBC television program about John M. Slaton, from their 1964 series Profiles in Courage. Ill embed the video from that program so you can watch it right here on nationalvanguard.org:

After watching that production, do you recognize John Slaton? do you recognize the Leo Frank sex killing case? do you recognize the people of Georgia? No. You cannot. The program like almost all Establishment works on the Leo Frank case is a vicious, poisonous cocktail of lies designed to obscure the truth, exonerate and even ennoble a murderer, make the odious and the sleazy into heroes, and demonize the real heroes real heroes like Tom Watson.

Thomas E. Watsons contemporary series of exposs on the corruption and mendacity of the Leo Frank machine is one of the classics of American muckraking. Watson was an intelligent, cultured, and literate man, author of highly-regarded biographies of Jackson and Jefferson and a history of France. In the NBC episode, he is played by a sweaty, greasy-looking Hollywood heavy Michael Constantine, who, as Watson, openly admits his corruption and talks in cracker dialect, wearing a heavily rumpled suit without a tie, putting his feet up on Slatons desk, and wiping his dripping nose on his sleeve. We get it, Mr. Director, we get it. No such meeting between Watson and Slaton ever took place.

The program is anything but subtle. In the opening scene, another sweaty White man, with a crazed look on his face and a very bad set of teeth, stands on the courthouse roof and screams for the head of Leo Frank to a torch-lit crowd of Whites while the Frank verdict is about to be read. No such rally ever took place it is an invention of the filmmakers.

Inside the courthouse, Judge Roan, the presiding judge in the case, mutters to an associate that Franks innocence has been proven to a mathematical certainty something that he never said.

The noble Slaton is played by Jewish actor Walter Matthau, and Slaton is portrayed as a deeply moral man of principle throughout. The screen Watson admits to the screen Slaton that Watsons newspaper, the Jeffersonian, is written for the great unwashed, and that you bathe too much.

Almost unbelievably, the program asserts that the Black night watchman and early suspect, Newt Lee, was in the pencil factory building when the murder was committed and that the factory sweeper Jim Conley, another Black man falsely accused by the pro-Frank forces, confessed to the murder to his own attorney. Needless to say, none of this ever happened.

Jewish screenwriter Don Mankiewicz was the author of this bundle of lies. It was made by Saudek Associates, and aired on Robert Sarnoffs Jewish-owned NBC. The executive in charge of production was the Jew Bernie Weinraub.

The producers of this program were so sloppy and so contemptuous of their viewers, who they evidently think will believe even the crudest and most obvious lies that they even get Leo Max Franks name wrong, calling him Leo A. Frank.

Thus is history rewritten by liars. Thus is the public fooled into hating those who try to save them, and worshipping those, like John M. Slaton, who have sold them out.

It is satisfying to reflect upon the fact that John M. Slaton, quite contrary to the liars at NBC, was so reviled for his act of evil that he had to flee the state. He did not return to stay for nearly a decade. Tom Watson was elected to the Senate seat that Slaton had coveted, and it was only recently that the Jews were able to force the great writer and statesmans statue to be removed from the state capitol.

Ill speak again about the Leo Frank case in three weeks, on the centenary of that moment in US and Georgia history when the leading citizens of that state re-took control of the legal and judicial process and carried out the sentence of the court the sentence of the judge and the sentence of the people on Jewish sex killer Leo Max Frank.

* * *

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100 Arguments Why Leo Frank Is Guilty

Proving That Anti-Semitism Had Nothing to Do With His Conviction and Proving That His Defenders Have Used Frauds and Hoaxes for 100 Years

by Bradford L. Huie

MARY PHAGAN was just thirteen years old. She was a sweatshop laborer for Atlanta, Georgias National Pencil Company. Exactly 100 years ago today Saturday, April 26, 1913 little Mary (pictured) was looking forward to the festivities of Confederate Memorial Day. She dressed gaily and planned to attend the parade. She had just come to collect her $1.20 pay from National Pencil Company superintendent Leo M. Frank at his office when she was attacked by an assailant who struck her down, ripped her undergarments, likely attempted to sexually abuse her, and then strangled her to death. Her body was dumped in the factory basement.

Leo M. Frank

Leo Frank, who was the head of Atlantas Bnai Brith, a Jewish fraternal order, was eventually convicted of the murder and sentenced to hang. After a concerted and lavishly financed campaign by the American Jewish community, Franks death sentence was commuted to life in prison by an outgoing governor. But he was snatched from his prison cell and hung by a lynching party consisting, in large part, of leading citizens outraged by the commutation order and none of the lynchers were ever prosecuted or even indicted for their crime. One result of Franks trial and death was the founding of the still-powerful Anti-Defamation League.

Today Leo Franks innocence, and his status as a victim of anti-Semitism, are almost taken for granted. But are these current attitudes based on the facts of the case, or are they based on a propaganda campaign that began 100 years ago? Lets look at the facts.

It has been proved beyond any shadow of doubt that either Leo Frank or National Pencil Company sweeper Jim Conley was the killer of Mary Phagan. Every other person who was in the building at the time has been fully accounted for. Those who believe Frank to be innocent say, without exception, that Jim Conley must have been the killer.

Jim Conley

On the 100th anniversary of the inexpressibly tragic death of this sweet and lovely girl, let us examine 100 reasons why the jury that tried him believed (and why we ought to believe, once we see the evidence) that Leo Max Frank strangled Mary Phagan to death 100 reasons proving that Franks supporters have used multiple frauds and hoaxes and have tampered with the evidence on a massive scale 100 reasons proving that the main idea that Franks modern defenders put forth, that Leo Frank was a victim of anti-Semitism, is the greatest hoax of all.

See original here:
100 Reasons Leo Frank Is Guilty National Vanguard

100 Years Ago Did Leo Frank Actually Confess?

100 Years Ago Did Leo Frank Actually Confess?

This century old affair is still a relevant case today, because Leo Max Frank was a high B’nai B’rith official, and also running a 170-employee sweatshop factory in downtown Atlanta — and the failure of racially conscious organized Jewry to “get him off” for his heinous crime, led directly to the founding of the ADL Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith!

Mary Phagan, a sweet, blue-eyed, auburn-haired 14-year-old girl who fought off the vile rapist-pedophile to the death – her employer Leo Frank. His ruthless lawyers sought to frame two different innocent African-Americans to let the Jew abscond. Finally, after a corrupt governor in the Jews’ pocket prepared to get Leo Frank off completely, however, a lynch party of top Georgian citizens went to the Milledgeville prison, broke Leo Frank out of Jail at gun point, and then after a 170-mile drive by Ford Model-T, strung Frank up 2 miles away from Mary Phagan’s grave.

(Rare Autopsy Photo of Mary Phagan)

This year (2013) will mark the 100th anniversary of the 1913 verdict. We look at the dramatic confessions of Leo Frank to the murder of Mary Phagan:




The First Book Written About the Leo Frank Case in 1913, transformed into a Six-Hour Audiobook!

The Leo Frank Case, Inside Story of Georgia’s Greatest Murder Mystery

Complete History of the Sensational Crime and Trial, Portraits of Principals

Price 25 cents (Just Kidding: Free!)

Published by the Atlanta Publishing Company, Atlanta, Georgia 1913


ALL SIX HOURS embedded here for your listening enjoyment:

Bibliography: Sources and References
The Internet Archive @ www.Archive.org —

The Leo Frank Case, Atlanta Georgia’s Greatest Murder Mystery by Margi H.

The ADL’s Racist Jewish Hoax: Walk Against Hate (Time to Organize, Blacks, Muslims, Armenians, Whites and other Groups)

The ADL’s Walk Against Hate is an ugly smoke screen for Jewish racism, bigotry and prejudice.

It’s time we organize Blacks, Muslims, Armenians, Whites and other groups to protest against the racist and anti-Gentile ADL walkagainsthate.org

Graphic Designers Needed

We need graphic designers to help us produce 2 to 3 dozen different designs for poster boards (for protesting with), and business cards (to hand out to people at the ADL Walk Against Hate each year) to educate the participants about this racist, bigoted and prejudiced Jewish hoax.

Slogan Ideas Needed

We need protest slogans, chants, jingle and creative ideas…




Can you think of other protest chants? Let’s come up with 2 to 3 dozen, then we can choose the best.

Poster Boards

Some examples below, more are needed.

1. We need to bring protesters to www.walkagainsthate.org with BIG signs showing the massmurder of Palestinian Children in Apartheid Israel.

2. We need to bring protesters to www.walkagainsthate.org with BIG signs showing a picture of Abraham Foxman with Hitler Mustache and the words Holocaust Denier over it, emphasizing the bloated troglodyte-faced racist who tried to stop the United States Congress from recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

3. We need to bring protesters to www.walkagainsthate.org with Big Signs showing pictures of Leo Frank, the Jewish pedophile who raped, strangled and mutilated Mary Phagan, and Big words under it: Racist ADL Wrongly Accused an Innocent Black Man (James Conley) for Leo Frank’s sex crimes or ADL Pedophile Denialists.

4. We need to bring protesters to www.walkagainsthate.org with Big signs with words saying Un-American Racist ADL, Jewish Hatemongers Censoring Criticism of Apartheid Israel, and Jewish Bigotry.

5. Bring posters of the genital-wart-faced Jew, Jonathan Greenblatt that says pedophile denialist, with links to his article on medium where he denies the guilt of Leo Frank and refutations of his article.

Please help us come up with 2 to 3 dozen more ideas in these regards for poster boards.

Protest the Walk Against Hate Every Year

We need to organize Blacks, Muslims, Armenians, Whites and other groups who are against Israel Apartheid to go to ADL events all over the United States and protest with big signs and business cards to hand out with WWW sites exposing the disgusting anti-Defamation League.

Brainstorming for protests against ADL

How do we organize effective protests against the ADL with good turnout, high quality poster boards and excellent quality business cards?

How to we contact groups, civic leaders, community organizers and other groups to come together as a coalition to protest the ADL?

What groups are likely to support such protests against the ADL and apartheid Israel?

What leaders can we contact in each community to organize multi-group organizations in coalitions against the ADL and other Jewish groups that support the Apartheid State of Israel?

Learn more about the ADL’s racist hoax used as a smoke screen to coverup Israeli apartheid, war crimes and genocide of Palestinians.

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