Atlanta Georgian

Atlanta Georgian newspapers about the Frank-Phagan case listed here.



April 28, 1913: 1,000 Throng Morgue to See Body of Victim (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: Arrested as Girl’s Slayer: John M. Gant Accused of the Crime; Former Bookkeeper Taken by Police (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: Chief and Sleuths Trace Steps in Slaying of Girl; Story of Killing as Meager Facts Reveal It (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: Gant, Arrested as Slayer of Girl, Tells Story to Georgian (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: Gant Is Brought from Marietta (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: Gant, Suspect, Enamored of Mary Phagan (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: Girl and Landlady Defend Mullinax (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: Girl’s Grandfather Vows Vengeance on the Slayer (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: Horrible Mistake, Pleads Mullinax, Denying Crime (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: “I Could Trust Mary Anywhere,” Her Weeping Mother Says (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: Lifelong Friend Saw Girl and Man after Midnight (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: Look for Negro to Break Down (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: Mother Sobs over Fate of Mary Phagan (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: Negro Is Not Guilty, Says Factory Head (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: Neighbors of Slain Girl Cry for Vengeance (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: Police Question Factory Superintendent: Strand of Hair Clew in Killing of Phagan Girl (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: Story of Prisoner Who Denies Crime; ‘Horrible Mistake’ (Atlanta Georgian)

April 28, 1913: Suspect Gant Tells His Own Story: Denies Guilt But Is Identified as Man Seen Leading Girl (Atlanta Georgian)

April 29, 1913: Charge Is Basest of Lies, Declares Gantt (Atlanta Georgian)

April 29, 1913: Clew Sought in Scribbled Notes (Atlanta Georgian)

April 29, 1913: Factory Employe May Be Taken Any Moment (Atlanta Georgian)

April 29, 1913: Factory Head Frank and Watchman Newt Lee Are “Sweated” by Police (Atlanta Georgian)

April 29, 1913: Former Playmates Meet Girl’s Body at Marietta (Atlanta Georgian)

April 29, 1913: Frank Under ‘Third Degree’: We Have Strangler of Mary Phagan, Is Chief Lanford’s Assertion (Atlanta Georgian)

April 29, 1913: Guilt Will Be Fixed Detectives Declare (Atlanta Georgian)

April 29, 1913: ‘I Feel as Though I Could Die,’ Sobs Mary Phagan’s Grief-Stricken Sister (Atlanta Georgian)

April 29, 1913: “Lee’s Guilt Proved,” Detectives Assert: Suspicion Lifts from Frank; May Be Freed; Gantt Granted Writ (Atlanta Georgian)

April 29, 1913: Loyalty Sends Girl to Defend Mullinax (Atlanta Georgian)

April 29, 1913: Negro Watchman Is Accused by Slain Girl’s Stepfather (Atlanta Georgian)

April 29, 1913: Pastor Prays for Justice at Girl’s Funeral (Atlanta Georgian)

April 29, 1913: Sister’s New Story May Clear Gantt (Atlanta Georgian)

April 29, 1913: Slayer’s Hand Print Left on Arm of Girl (Atlanta Georgian)

April 30, 1913: Clock ‘Misses’ Add Mystery to Phagan Case (Atlanta Georgian)

April 30, 1913: ‘Looks Like Frank Is Trying to Put Crime on Me,’ Says Lee (Atlanta Georgian)

April 30, 1913: Leo Frank’s Friends Denounce Detention (Atlanta Georgian)

April 30, 1913: Mother Prays That Son May Be Released (Atlanta Georgian)

April 30, 1913: Police Claim Evidence in Murder Mystery Now Complete: New Arrests Likely; Leo Frank Still Held; Case Against Negro (Atlanta Georgian)

April 30, 1913: Newt Lee on Stand at Inquest Tells His Side of Phagan Case (Atlanta Georgian)

May 1, 1913: New Arrest Made in Phagan Case; Lee Gives New Clews (Atlanta Georgian)

May 1, 1913: State Enters Phagan Case; Frank and Lee Are Taken to Tower (Atlanta Georgian)

May 2, 1913: Dorsey Puts Own Sleuths onto Phagan Slaying Case (Atlanta Georgian)

May 2, 1913: Police Still Puzzled by Mystery of Phagan Case (Atlanta Georgian)

May 3, 1913: Analysis of Blood Stains May Solve Phagan Mystery (Atlanta Georgian)

May 3, 1913: Three New Witnesses for Phagan Case Inquest (Atlanta Georgian)

May 4, 1913: Gov. Brown on Phagan Case: Let Law Take Its Course, He Says, ‘Guilty Will Be Punished, Innocent Freed’ (Atlanta Georgian)

May 4, 1913: Grand Jury to Take up Phagan Case To-morrow (Atlanta Georgian)

May 4, 1913: Old Police Reporter Analyzes Mystery: Phagan Case Solution Far Off, He Says  (Atlanta Georgian)

May 4, 1913: Slayer of Mary Phagan Still May Be at Large (Atlanta Georgian)

May 5, 1913: Analysis of Blood Stains May Solve Phagan Mystery (Atlanta Georgian)

May 5, 1913: Coroner’s Jury Likely to Hold Both Prisoners (Atlanta Georgian)

May 5, 1913: Crowds at Phagan Inquest: Grand Jury Instructed to Probe Deeply (Atlanta Georgian)

May 5, 1913: Frank on Witness Stand: Makes Statement under Oath; Nervous, But Replies Quickly (Atlanta Georgian)

May 5, 1913: Inquest in Phagan Case To-day May End the Great Mystery (Atlanta Georgian)

May 5, 1913: Judge W. D. Ellis Charges Grand Jury to Probe into Phagan Slaying Mystery (Atlanta Georgian)

May 6, 1913: Bowen Still Held by Houston Police in the Phagan Case (Atlanta Georgian)

May 6, 1913: Frank’s Testimony Fails to Lift Veil of Mystery (Atlanta Georgian)

May 6, 1913: How Frank Spent Day of Tragedy (Atlanta Georgian)

May 6, 1913: Leo Frank Names New Man: Lemmie Quinn in Factory on Day of Death (Atlanta Georgian)

May 6, 1913: Mary Phagan’s Body Exhumed; Hurt Looks for Signs of ‘Dope’ (Atlanta Georgian)

May 6, 1913: Newest Clews in Phagan Case Not Yet Public (Atlanta Georgian)

May 6, 1913: Mary Phagan’s Body Exhumed; Hurt Looks for Signs of ‘Dope’ (Atlanta Georgian)

May 6, 1913: Newest Clews in Phagan Case Not Yet Public (Atlanta Georgian)

May 6, 1913: Police Have New and Startling Evidence Not Yet Made Public (Atlanta Georgian)

May 7, 1913: Employe of Lunch Stand Near Pencil Factory Is Trailed to Alabama (Atlanta Georgian)

May 7, 1913: Lee Is Quizzed by Dorsey for New Evidence (Atlanta Georgian)

May 7, 1913: Employe of Lunch Stand Near Pencil Factory Is Trailed to Alabama (Atlanta Georgian)

May 7, 1913: Lee Is Quizzed by Dorsey for New Evidence (Atlanta Georgian)

May 8, 1913: Didn’t See Girl Late Saturday, He Admits (Atlanta Georgian)

May 8, 1913: Frank of Nervous Nature; Says Superintendent Aide (Atlanta Georgian)

May 8, 1913: Frank Ready to Take Stand: Phagan Inquest Is Near End; Likely to Go to Jury by 7 P.M. (Atlanta Georgian)

May 8, 1913: Pinkerton Detective Tells of Call from Factory Head (Atlanta Georgian)

May 8, 1913: Police Still Withhold Evidence: Frank to Be Examined on New Lines (Atlanta Georgian)

May 8, 1913: Quinn, Foreman Over Slain Girl, Tells of Seeing Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

May 8, 1913: Stenographer in Factory Office on Witness Stand (Atlanta Georgian)

May 8, 1913: Testimony at Early Session of Phagan Inquest: Rogers Tells What Police Found at the Factory (Atlanta Georgian)

May 8, 1913: Another Clew in Phagan Case Is Worthless (Atlanta Georgian)

May 9, 1913: Best Detective in America Is Now on the Case, Says Dorsey (Atlanta Georgian)

May 9, 1913: Black Testifies Quinn Denied Visiting Factory (Atlanta Georgian)

May 9, 1913: County to Furnish Unlimited Funds to Solve the Phagan Case (Atlanta Georgian)

May 9, 1913: Frank and Lee Held; Grand Jury Likely to Take up Case Monday (Atlanta Georgian)

May 9, 1913: Inquest Scene Is Dramatic in Its Tenseness (Atlanta Georgian)

May 9, 1913: Lee Repeats His Private Conversation with Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

May 9, 1913: Leo Frank Is Again Quizzed by Coroner (Atlanta Georgian)

May 9, 1913: New Evidence Sought: Grand Jury May Act Saturday: ‘I Expected to Be Held’ — Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

May 10, 1913: Guard of Secrecy Is Thrown About Phagan Search by Solicitor (Atlanta Georgian)

May 10, 1913: New Phagan Evidence for Grand Jury: Dorsey Has Valuable Evidence in Phagan Case (Atlanta Georgian)

May 12, 1913: Burns Called into Phagan Mystery; On Way from Europe (Atlanta Georgian)

May 12, 1913: Phagan Case Is Delayed: Not Likely to Go to Grand Jury This Week (Atlanta Georgian)

May 13, 1913: New Theory Is Offered in Phagan Mystery (Atlanta Georgian)

May 14, 1913: Secret Hunt by Burns in Mystery Is Likely (Atlanta Georgian)

May 15, 1913: Burns Investigator Will Probe Slaying (Atlanta Georgian)

May 15, 1913: Burns Says He Will Hunt Phagan Slayer (Atlanta Georgian)

May 16, 1913: $1,000 Offered Burns to Take Phagan Case (Atlanta Georgian)

May 16, 1913: Burns’ Hunt for Phagan Slayer Begun (Atlanta Georgian)

May 16, 1913: Dorsey Says Burns’ Help Is Welcomed; Secret Probe Begins (Atlanta Georgian)

May 16, 1913: Secret Probe Began By Burns Agent into the Phagan Mystery (Atlanta Georgian)

May 17, 1917: Hunt Phagan Slayer by Writing Clews (Atlanta Georgian)

May 17, 1913: New Phagan Witnesses Have Been Found (Atlanta Georgian)

May 18, 1913: Burns, Called in as Last Resort, Faces ‘Cold Trail’ in Baffling Phagan Case (Atlanta Georgian)

May 18, 1913: Burns Sleuth Makes Report in Phagan Case (Atlanta Georgian)

May 19, 1913: Burns Agent Outlines Phagan Theory (Atlanta Georgian)

May 19, 1913: Burns Eager to Solve Phagan Case (Atlanta Georgian)

May 20, 1913: Cases Ready Against Lee and Leo Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

May 21, 1913: Hunt ‘Voice in Street’ in Phagan Case (Atlanta Georgian)

May 21, 1913: More Mystery in Phagan Slaying Case: T. B. Felder Repudiates Report of Activity for Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

May 22, 1913: Burns Aide Is Reported Trailing a New Man (Atlanta Georgian)

May 22, 1913: Grand Jury Won’t Hear Leo Frank or Lee (Atlanta Georgian)

May 23, 1913: Felder Denies Phagan Bribery: Dictograph Record Used Against Felder (Atlanta Georgian)

May 23, 1913: Frank Feeling Fine, But Will Not Discuss His Case (Atlanta Georgian)

May 23, 1913: Here Is Affidavit Charging Bribery (Atlanta Georgian)

May 23, 1913: Indictment of Both Lee and Frank Is Asked (Atlanta Georgian)

May 23, 1913: Phagan Slaying Is Taken Up by Grand Jury (Atlanta Georgian)

May 23, 1913: Woman Gives Evidence Against Frank: Slaying Indictments Against Both Lee and Frank Will Be Asked (Atlanta Georgian)

May 24, 1913: Felder Charges Police Plot to Shield Slayer (Atlanta Georgian)

May 24, 1913: Mayor Reported by Dictograph (Atlanta Georgian)

May 24, 1913: Negro Sweeper Owns Writing Notes Found by Dead Girl’s Body (Atlanta Georgian)

May 24, 1913: New Phagan Sensation: Coylar Charges Plot to Assassinate (Atlanta Georgian)

May 25, 1913: I’ll Indict Gang, Says Beavers: Felder Denies Bribe Charges and Scores Police (Atlanta Georgian)

May 26, 1913: Beavers and Lanford to Prosecute Felder: Will Take Charge of Graft to Grand Jury for Vindication (Atlanta Georgian)

May 26, 1913: Evidence Against Frank Conclusive, Say Police (Atlanta Georgian)

May 26, 1913: Lay Bribery Effort to Frank’s Friends (Atlanta Georgian)

May 27, 1913: Burns Man Quits Case; Declares He Is Opposed (Atlanta Georgian)

May 27, 1913: Pinkerton Man Says Frank Is Guilty (Atlanta Georgian)

May 27, 1913: State Faces Big Task in Trial of Frank as Slayer (Atlanta Georgian)

May 27, 1913: Suspicion Turned to Conley; Accused by Factory Foreman (Atlanta Georgian)

May 28, 1913: Conley Says Frank Took Him to Plant on Day of Slaying (Atlanta Georgian)

May 28, 1913: Woman Writes in Defense of Leo M. Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

May 29, 1913: Burns Himself to Make Investigation of Phagan Slaying (Atlanta Georgian)

May 29, 1913: Web of Lies by Conley Tangle Police (Atlanta Georgian)

May 30, 1913: Dorsey Ready to Indict Conley as an Accessory (Atlanta Georgian)

May 30, 1913: Hang the Guilty Man Says Frank; Conley Acts Part in Killing (Atlanta Georgian)

May 30, 1913: Negro Conley Now Says He Helped to Carry Away Body (Atlanta Georgian)

May 30, 1913: Negro Conley’s Affidavit Lays Bare Slaying (Atlanta Georgian)

May 30, 1913: Swears Frank Told Him Girl Hit Her Head Against Something (Atlanta Georgian)

May 30, 1913: Conley Gives More Evidence: Explains in Detail Pencil Factory Mysteries: Spends Day with Dorsey Studying Huge Diagram of Scene of the Crime (Atlanta Georgian)

May 31, 1913: Conley Star in Third Degree Drama (Atlanta Georgian)

May 31, 1913: Negro Gives More New Facts to Dorsey (Atlanta Georgian)

May 31, 1913: Police After Another Confession: Plan to Confront Conley and Frank for New Admission (Atlanta Georgian)

May 31, 1913: Silence of Conley Put to End by Georgian (Atlanta Georgian)

June 1, 1913: Confessions of Conley Makes No Changes in State’s Case (Atlanta Georgian)

June 1, 1913: Conley Is Unwittingly Friend of Frank, Says Old Police Reporter (Atlanta Georgian)

June 1, 1913: Dorsey’s Grill Fails to Make Conley Admit Hand in Killing (Atlanta Georgian)

June 2, 1913: 5 to Testify Frank Was at Home at Hour Negro Says He Aided (Atlanta Georgian)

June 2, 1913: Conley Begs Chief to Let Him Repeat Story Before Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

June 2, 1913: Negro Cook at Home Where Frank Lived Held by the Police (Atlanta Georgian)

June 3, 1913: Bitter Fight Certain in Trial of Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

June 3, 1913: Cook Tells of Scene within Frank Home (Atlanta Georgian)

June 3, 1913: Felder Says He Will Lay Bare ‘Startling Police Graft Plans’ (Atlanta Georgian)

June 3, 1913: Frank Defense Building Up Strong Alibi (Atlanta Georgian)

June 3, 1913: Mayor, Felder and Hutcheson Quizzed in Jury Vice Probe (Atlanta Georgian)

June 4, 1913: Cook’s Sensational Affidavit: Says She Heard Frank’s Wife Tell Mother Frank Had Threatened Suicide (Atlanta Georgian)

June 4, 1913: Girl Sticks to Story Aiding Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

June 5, 1913: Dorsey Makes Reply to Accusations of Wife of Leo M. Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

June 5, 1913: Felder and Lanford Near Blows; Coylar Held; New Phagan Mystery Sensations in Grand Jury Probe (Atlanta Georgian)

June 5, 1913: Frank’s Cook Denies All of the Affidavit Given Out by Police (Atlanta Georgian)

June 5, 1913: ‘I Know My Husband Is Innocent,’ Asserts Wife of Leo M. Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

June 5, 1913: Mrs. Frank in Battle to Clear Her Son (Atlanta Georgian)

June 5, 1913: New Conley Confession Reported to Jury (Atlanta Georgian)

June 6, 1913: Conley, Grilled by Police Again, Denies Confessing Killing (Atlanta Georgian)

June 6, 1913: Report Negro Found Who Saw Phagan Attack (Atlanta Georgian)

June 7, 1913: Defense Bends Efforts to Prove Conley Slayer (Atlanta Georgian)

June 7, 1913: Mrs. Frank Attacks Solicitor H. M. Dorsey in a New Statement (Atlanta Georgian)

June 8, 1913: Fair Play Alone Can Find Truth in Phagan Puzzle, Declares Old Reporter (Atlanta Georgian)

June 9, 1913: Foreman Tells Why He Holds Conley Guilty (Atlanta Georgian)

June 9, 1913: Frank Cheerful as His Friends Visit Him (Atlanta Georgian)

June 9, 1913: Rosser Asks Grand Jury Grill for Conley (Atlanta Georgian)

June 10, 1913: Eyewitness to Phagan Slaying Sought (Atlanta Georgian)

June 10, 1913: Police Hold Conley by Court’s Order (Atlanta Georgian)

June 11, 1913: Felder Returns Phagan Fund to Givers (Atlanta Georgian)

June 11, 1913: Fund Raised to Secure Burns Is Unused (Atlanta Georgian)

June 11, 1913: G. M. Napier Analyzes Phagan Case (Atlanta Georgian)

June 12, 1913: Face Conley and Frank, Lanford Urges (Atlanta Georgian)

June 13, 1913: Judge Roan to Decide Conley’s Fate (Atlanta Georgian)

June 13, 1913: Negro Freed But Jailed Again on Suspicion (Atlanta Georgian)

June 14, 1913: State Takes Advantage of Points Known (Atlanta Georgian)

June 16, 1913: Dorsey Aide Says Frank Is Fast in Net (Atlanta Georgian)

June 17, 1913: Sensations in Phagan Case at Hand (Atlanta Georgian)

June 18, 1913: Rush Plans for the Trial of Leo Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

June 19, 1913: Blow Aimed at Formby Story: Defense Has Witnesses to Refute Woman (Atlanta Georgian)

June 20, 1913: Frank Trial Will Not Be Long One (Atlanta Georgian)

June 21, 1913: Justice Aim in Phagan Case, Says Hooper (Atlanta Georgian)

June 22, 1913: Arnold to Aid Frank: Declares Prisoner Is Innocent; Has Studied Case Deeply, He Says (Atlanta Georgian)

June 22, 1913: Jurors, Not Newspapers, to Return Frank Verdict, Declares Old Reporter (Atlanta Georgian)

June 23, 1913: State Ready for Frank Trial on June 30 (Atlanta Georgian)

June 23, 1913: Venire of 72 for Frank Jury Is Drawn (Atlanta Georgian)

June 24, 1913: Both Sides Called in Conference by Judge; Trial Set for July 28 (Atlanta Georgian)

June 24, 1913: Both Sides Ready for Trial on Monday (Atlanta Georgian)

June 24, 1913: Trial of Leo Frank Is Set for July 28 (Atlanta Georgian)

June 25, 1913: Conley, Put on Grill, Sticks Story (Atlanta Georgian)

June 26, 1913: Stover Girl Will Star in Frank Trial (Atlanta Georgian)

June 27, 1913: New Frank Evidence Held by Dorsey (Atlanta Georgian)

June 28, 1913: State Secures New Phagan Evidence (Atlanta Georgian)

June 29, 1913: Hooper Secures New Evidence from Conley: New Facts Given by Negro (Atlanta Georgian)

June 29, 1913: Many Experts to Take Stand in Frank Trial (Atlanta Georgian)

June 29, 1913: Brilliant Legal Battle Is Sure as Hooper and Arnold Clash in the Trial of Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

June 30, 1913: Defense Plans to Tear Down Conley Tale (Atlanta Georgian)

July 1, 1913: Frank Is Willing for State to Grill Him (Atlanta Georgian)

July 1, 1913: Jury Likely to Go Over Dorsey’s Head (Atlanta Georgian)

July 1, 1913: May Indict Conley as Slayer (Atlanta Georgian)

July 3, 1913: Writ Sought in Move to Free Negro Lee (Atlanta Georgian)

July 4, 1913: New Testimony Lays Crime to Conley (Atlanta Georgian)

July 5, 1913: Application for Lee’s Release Delayed (Atlanta Georgian)

July 5, 1913: Legal Battle To-day in Phagan Case: Liberty for Newt Lee Sought (Atlanta Georgian)

July 6, 1913: Application to Release Lee Is Ready to File (Atlanta Georgian)

July 6, 1913: New Move in Phagan Case by Solicitor (Atlanta Georgian)

July 6, 1913: Phagan Case Centers on Conley: Negro Lone Hope of Both Sides (Atlanta Georgian)

July 7, 1913: Lee’s Attorney Is Ready for Writ Fight (Atlanta Georgian)

July 8, 1913: Grants Right to Demand Lee’s Freedom (Atlanta Georgian)

July 8, 1913: Plan to Confront Frank with Lee: Attitude of Defense Secret (Atlanta Georgian)

July 8, 1913: State Sure Lee Will Not Be Released (Atlanta Georgian)

July 9, 1913: New Evidence in Phagan Case Found (Atlanta Georgian)

July 9, 1913: Part of Pay Envelope Found (Atlanta Georgian)

July 10, 1913: Negro Made Boast of Killing a Girl, Agent Declares (Atlanta Georgian)

July 10, 1913: Two Setbacks Given State in Frank Case (Atlanta Georgian)

July 11, 1913: Mincey’s Story Jolts Police to Activity (Atlanta Georgian)

July 11, 1913: Slaying Charge for Conley Is Expected (Atlanta Georgian)

July 12, 1913: Affidavits Support Mincey Story (Atlanta Georgian)

July 12, 1913: Conley Kept on Grill 4 Hours (Atlanta Georgian)

July 13, 1913: Indictment of Conley Puzzle for Grand Jury (Atlanta Georgian)

July 13, 1913: Seek Negro Who Says He Was Eye-witness to Phagan Murder (Atlanta Georgian)

July 14, 1913: ‘I Am Seeking Only to Do My Duty for Truth and Justice’ (Atlanta Georgian)

July 14, 1913: State Still Confident of Case (Atlanta Georgian)

July 15, 1913: Holloway Corroborates Mincey’s Affidavit: Recalls He Was Told Story of Conley (Atlanta Georgian)

July 16, 1913: Dorsey Adds Startling Evidence (Atlanta Georgian)

July 16, 1913: State to Fight Move to Indict Jim Conley (Atlanta Georgian)

July 17, 1913: Dorsey Blocked Indictment of Conley: Grand Jury Agreed Not to Act (Atlanta Georgian)

July 18, 1913: Police Halt Grilling of Conley (Atlanta Georgian)

July 19, 1913: Dorsey Resists Move to Indict Jim Conley: Grand Jury Split by Latest Move (Atlanta Georgian)

July 19, 1913: Solicitor Is Certain No Move Will Be Made (Atlanta Georgian)

July 20, 1913: Attorney for Conley Makes a Statement (Atlanta Georgian)

July 20, 1913: Counsel of Frank Says Dorsey Has Sought to Hide Facts (Atlanta Georgian)

July 20, 1913: Mincey Ready to Tell Story to Grand Jury (Atlanta Georgian)

July 20, 1913: Mincey Story Declared Vital to Both Sides in Frank Case (Atlanta Georgian)

July 21, 1913: Protest of Solicitor Will Be Heeded (Atlanta Georgian)

July 21, 1913: Protest of Solicitor Dorsey Wins (Atlanta Georgian)

July 22, 1913: Court Ready to Draw Venire (Atlanta Georgian)

July 22, 1913: New Ruling on Delay Asked (Atlanta Georgian)

July 22, 1913: Story of Phagan Case by Chapters: Chapter 1 (Atlanta Georgian)

July 23, 1913: Conley and Lee Put on Grill by Dorsey (Atlanta Georgian)

July 23, 1913: Scouts New ‘Proof’ of Defense (Atlanta Georgian)

July 23, 1913: Second Chapter in Phagan Mystery: Chapter 2 (Atlanta Georgian)

July 23, 1913: Trace Found Here of Negro Said to Have Seen Phagan Slaying (Atlanta Georgian)

July 24, 1913: Attempt to Postpone Case Is Seen (Atlanta Georgian)

July 24, 1913: Judge Announces He Is Read to Try Case; 144 Men Empanelled (Atlanta Georgian)

July 24, 1913: State Ready and Will Fight a Delay (Atlanta Georgian)

July 24, 1913: Third Chapter in Phagan Mystery (Atlanta Georgian)

July 25, 1913: Chapter 4 in Phagan Mystery (Atlanta Georgian)

July 25, 1913: State Still Prepares to Fight Delay (Atlanta Georgian)

July 25, 1913: Venireman Served in Phagan Case (Atlanta Georgian)

July 25, 1913: Witnesses for Frank Called (Atlanta Georgian)

July 26, 1913: Both Sides Hide Vital Phagan Facts (Atlanta Georgian)

July 26, 1913: Chapter 5 in Phagan Case (Atlanta Georgian)

July 26, 1913: Says Pierce Broke His Promise (Atlanta Georgian)

July 27, 1913: Defense Claims Conley and Lee Prepared Notes (Atlanta Georgian)

July 27, 1913: Frank Fights for Life Monday: Dorsey Ready to Avenge Mary Phagan: Mystery of Months Is Still Unsolved (Atlanta Georgian)

July 27, 1913: Phagan Case of Peculiar and Enthralling Interest (Atlanta Georgian)

July 27, 1913: Pinkerton Men Brand Lanford Charges False (Atlanta Georgian)

July 27, 1913: Prominent Atlantans Named on Frank Trial Venire (Atlanta Georgian)

July 27, 1913: Public Demands Frank Trial Tomorrow: Old Police Reporter Sees No Cause for Delay (Atlanta Georgian)

July 27, 1913: State Bolsters Conley: Solves Discrepancies of Time: Mistaken Identity to Be Plea (Atlanta Georgian)

July 27, 1913: Trial to Surpass in Interest Any in Fulton County History (Atlanta Georgian)

July 27, 1913: Venire Whipped into Shape Rapidly; Negro Is Eligible (Atlanta Georgian)

July 27, 1913: Work of Choosing Jury for Frank Trial Difficult: Veniremen Searchingly Examined by Both State and Defense (Atlanta Georgian)

July 28, 1913: All Readiness for Real Trial to Begin After Short Recess (Atlanta Georgian)

July 28, 1913: Drawing of Jury Begun; Wife of Accused at His Side; Courtroom Packed (Atlanta Georgian)

July 28, 1913: Frank, Feeling Tiptop, Smiling and Confident, Is Up Long Before Trial (Atlanta Georgian)

July 28, 1913: Opening Clash Is Lost by Defense; Forced at Start to Name Its Witnesses (Atlanta Georgian)

July 28, 1913: Slain Girl’s Mother on Stand; Surprising Speed Marks Trial (Atlanta Georgian)

July 28, 1913: Whole South Enthralled by Phagan Case (Atlanta Georgian)

July 29, 1913: Frank Lawyers Fail to Draw Criminating Replies from Negro (Atlanta Georgian)

July 29, 1913: Lee’s Quaint Answers Rob Frank’s Trial of All Signs of Rancor (Atlanta Georgian)

July 29, 1913: Lee’s Testimony Feature of First Day of Trial (Atlanta Georgian)

July 29, 1913: Negro Watchman Is Grilled about Notes Found Beside Body (Atlanta Georgian)

July 29, 1913: Negro Watchman Swears Frank Acted Oddly on Day of Crime (Atlanta Georgian)

July 29, 1913: Tragedy, Ages Old, Lurks in Commonplace Court Setting (Atlanta Georgian)

July 29, 1913: Trial of Frank Moving with Swiftness (Atlanta Georgian)

July 30, 1913: Defense Plans Sensation, Line of Queries Indicates (Atlanta Georgian)

July 30, 1913: Detective Retracts Part of His Story Under Rosser Attack (Atlanta Georgian)

July 30, 1913: Flashes of Tragedy Pierce Legal Tilts at Frank Trial (Atlanta Georgian)

July 30, 1913: Frank Seldom Spoke to Factory Girls, Is Miss Hix’s Evidence (Atlanta Georgian)

July 30, 1913: Frank’s Mother Pitiful Figure of the Trial (Atlanta Georgian)

July 30, 1913: Indications of New Sensation Attract a Record Court Crowd (Atlanta Georgian)

July 30, 1913: Rosser’s Examination of Lee Just a Shot in Dark; Hoped to Start Quarry (Atlanta Georgian)

July 30, 1913: State Adds New Link to Evidence Chain by Boots Rogers’ Story (Atlanta Georgian)

July 31, 1913: Collapse of Testimony of Black and Hix Girl’s Story Big Aid to Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

July 31, 1913: Found Part of Pay Envelope and Red Spots on 2nd Floor (Atlanta Georgian)

July 31, 1913: Frank Not in Office Just After 12 on Day of Slaying, Says Girl (Atlanta Georgian)

July 31, 1913: Halloway Accused by Solicitor Dorsey of Entrapping State (Atlanta Georgian)

July 31, 1913: Pinkerton Agent Is a Puzzling Factor as Frank Trial Resumes (Atlanta Georgian)

July 31, 1913: State Balloon Soars When Dorsey, Roiled, Cries ‘Plant’ (Atlanta Georgian)

August 1, 1913: Accused Extremely Nervous Following Slaying, Says Darley (Atlanta Georgian)

August 1, 1913: Defense Not Helped by Witnesses Accused of Entrapping the State (Atlanta Georgian)

August 1, 1913: Dorsey Wins Point as Rosser Battles to Defend Accused (Atlanta Georgian)

August 1, 1913: Girl Slain after Frank Left Factory, Believed to Be State Defense (Atlanta Georgian)

August 2, 1913: Defense Plans Hot Assault on Harris’ Evidence for State (Atlanta Georgian)

August 2, 1913: Expert’s Evidence Adds Strong Link to Case Against Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

August 2, 1913: Dr. Harris Shows Frank Had Chance to Kill Girl (Atlanta Georgian)

August 2, 1913: Dr. Hurt, Under Fire of Defense, Hits at Dr. Harris’ Testimony (Atlanta Georgian)

August 2, 1913: Dr. Hurt Says Food in Stomach Fails to Show Time of Death (Atlanta Georgian)

August 2, 1913: Evidence of Experts on Food Conflicting (Atlanta Georgian)

August 2, 1913: Frank Juror’s Life One Grand, Sweet Song — Not (Atlanta Georgian)

August 2, 1913: Roan Holding Scales of Justice with Steady Hand (Atlanta Georgian)

August 2, 1913: Will 5 Ounces of Cabbage Help Convict Leo M. Frank? (Atlanta Georgian)

August 3, 1913: Conley to Bring Frank Case Crisis: State Forges Chain to Tax All the Ingenuity of Defense’s Legal Array (Atlanta Georgian)

August 3, 1913: First Week of Frank Trial Ends with Both Sides Sure of Victory (Atlanta Georgian)

August 3, 1913: Leo Frank’s Eyes Show Intense Interest in Every Phase of Case (Atlanta Georgian)

August 4, 1913: Boiled Cabbage Brings Hypothetical Question Stage in Frank’s Trial (Atlanta Georgian)

August 4, 1913: Conley’s Story in Detail; Women Barred by Judge (Atlanta Georgian)

August 4, 1913: Crowd Spell-bound as Negro Recites His Details of Tragedy (Atlanta Georgian)

August 4, 1913: Dorsey Tries to Prove Frank Had Chance to Kill Girl (Atlanta Georgian)

August 4, 1913: Dramatic Moment of Trial Comes as Negro Takes Stand (Atlanta Georgian)

August 4, 1913: Frank Admitted He Hit Girl, Says Negro; Saw Her Enter Plant (Atlanta Georgian)

August 4, 1913: Frank Calm and Jurors Tense While Jim Conley Tells His Gastcy Tale (Atlanta Georgian)

August 4, 1913: Frank Witness Nearly Killed by a Mad Dog (Atlanta Georgian)

August 4, 1913: Jim Conley’s Story as Matter of Fact as if It Were His Day’s Work (Atlanta Georgian)

August 4, 1913: Ordeal Is Borne with Reserve by Franks (Atlanta Georgian)

August 4, 1913: Rosser’s Grilling of Negro Leads to Hot Clashes by Lawyers (Atlanta Georgian)

August 5, 1913: After 11-Hour Grill Defense Prepares to End Attack on Negro (Atlanta Georgian)

August 5, 1913: Conley Continues to Withstand Fierce Attacks of Rosser (Atlanta Georgian)

August 5, 1913: Conley’s Charge Turns Frank Trial into Fight ‘To Worse Than Death’ (Atlanta Georgian)

August 5, 1913: Traditions of the South Upset; White Man’s Life Hang’s on Negro’s Word (Atlanta Georgian)

August 6, 1913: Can Jury Obey if Told to Forget Base Charge? (Atlanta Georgian)

August 6, 1913: Conley’s Minor Lies of Little Moment if Jury Believes Main Charges (Atlanta Georgian)

August 6, 1913: Crowd at Frank Trial Set Like Adamant in Opinions (Atlanta Georgian)

August 6, 1913: Damaging Testimony of Conley May Stay In, Judge’s Decision (Atlanta Georgian)

August 6, 1913: Dorsey Accomplishes Aim Despite Big Odds (Atlanta Georgian)

August 6, 1913: Dorsey Practically Completes His Case; Await Judge’s Ruling (Atlanta Georgian)

August 6, 1913: Judge Will Rule on Evidence Attacked by Defense at 2 P.M. (Atlanta Georgian)

August 6, 1913: Mystery of Girl’s Mesh Bag Explained by Negro on Stand (Atlanta Georgian)

August 6, 1913: Negro Cool and Unafraid Despite Fierce Attack of Defense on His Story (Atlanta Georgian)

August 6, 1913: State Wins Victory When Roan Retains Damaging Evidence (Atlanta Georgian)

August 7, 1913: Arnold to Examine Defense Witnesses; Physician to Be First (Atlanta Georgian)

August 7, 1913: Dalton Disappoints Court; Rosser Calls Dr. L. W. Childs (Atlanta Georgian)

August 7, 1913: Dr. Childs Is Called by Defense by Defense to Rebut Dr. Harris’ Evidence (Atlanta Georgian)

August 7, 1913: Jim Conley, The Ebony Chevalier of Crime, Is Darktown’s Own Hero (Atlanta Georgian)

August 7, 1913: Negro Revised Tale as Officers Grilled Him, Says Detective (Atlanta Georgian)

August 7, 1913: Roan’s Ruling Heavy Blow to Defense (Atlanta Georgian)

August 7, 1913: Trial as Varied as a Vaudeville Exhibition (Atlanta Georgian)

August 7, 1913: Try to Prove Time Too Short for Frank to Do as Negro Says (Atlanta Georgian)

August 8, 1913: Conley’s Story Put in Peculiar Light When Defense Calls Scott (Atlanta Georgian)

August 8, 1913: Discrepancy Shown by Car Crew as to Time of the Tragedy (Atlanta Georgian)

August 8, 1913: Dorsey Goes After Holloway, Called to Stand for Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

August 8, 1913: Foreman of Factory Gives Startling New Evidence for Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

August 8, 1913: Frank Takes Active Interest in Case and Assists His Lawyers (Atlanta Georgian)

August 8, 1913: Girl Denies She Ever Went to the Pencil Plant with Dalton (Atlanta Georgian)

August 8, 1913: State Is Forced to Pin Hopes on Conley (Atlanta Georgian)

August 8, 1913: State Sees Bits of Evidence as Rope Strands (Atlanta Georgian)

August 9, 1913: Absence of Alienists and the Hypothetical Question Distinguishes Frank Trial (Atlanta Georgian)

August 9, 1913: Accused Composed on Day of Tragedy, Assistant Asserts (Atlanta Georgian)

August 9, 1913: Confusion of Holloway Spoils Close of Good Day for the Defense (Atlanta Georgian)

August 9, 1913: Dalton’s Testimony False, Girl Named on Stand Says (Atlanta Georgian)

August 9, 1913: Exposure of Conley Story Time Flaws Is Sought by Defense (Atlanta Georgian)

August 9, 1913: Here’s the Time Clock Puzzle in Frank Trial; Can You Figure It Out? (Atlanta Georgian)

August 10, 1913: Assistant Tells How Accused Man Made Out Complex Accounts (Atlanta Georgian)

August 10, 1913: Case Never Is Discussed by Frank Jurors (Atlanta Georgian)

August 10, 1913: Every Effort Will Be Made to Account for All His Movements (Atlanta Georgian)

August 10, 1913: Frank or Conley? Still Question (Atlanta Georgian)

August 10, 1913: Negro Firm in Accusing Frank; He Describes Slaying of Mary Phagan; Defense Begins Its Battle for Life (Atlanta Georgian)

August 10, 1913: One Glance at Conley Boosts Darwin Theory (Atlanta Georgian)

August 10, 1913: Phagan Trial Makes Eleven “Widows”: But Jurors’ Wives Are Peeresses Also (Atlanta Georgian)

August 10, 1913: Study of Frank Convicts, Then It Turns and Acquits (Atlanta Georgian)

August 11, 1913: Accused Studies for Half Hour Defense’s Model of Factory (Atlanta Georgian)

August 11, 1913: Dorsey Hammers at Frank Aide; Springs New Report Theory (Atlanta Georgian)

August 11, 1913: Dr. Bachman Tripped by Dorsey; Array of Medical Men Called (Atlanta Georgian)

August 11, 1913: Dr. Harris Hotly Attacked: Witnesses for Frank Charge Professional Recklessness to Him (Atlanta Georgian)

August 11, 1913: Experts Testimony on Cabbage Tests Called Wild Guess (Atlanta Georgian)

August 11, 1913: Grief-Stricken Mother Follows Testimony without Bitterness (Atlanta Georgian)

August 11, 1913: Interest Unabated as Dramatic Frank Trial Enters on Third Week (Atlanta Georgian)

August 12, 1913: Attacks on Dr. Harris Give Defense Good Day (Atlanta Georgian)

August 12, 1913: Dalton Forced to Admit Jail Record (Atlanta Georgian)

August 12, 1913: Defense Begins Alibi Task; Relatives of Accused Called (Atlanta Georgian)

August 12, 1913: Father-in-Law Says Family Did Not Talk of Crime at Factory (Atlanta Georgian)

August 12, 1913: Frank Trial Witness Is Sure, At Least, of One Thing — A ‘Good Ragging’ (Atlanta Georgian)

August 12, 1913: Girl Denies State’s Version of Frank’s Work on Fatal Day (Atlanta Georgian)

August 12, 1913: People’s Cry for Justice Is Proof Sentiment Still Lives (Atlanta Georgian)

August 12, 1913: State Charges That Attack on Girl Was Planned by Accused (Atlanta Georgian)

August 13, 1913: After Fierce Clash of Attorneys, Judge Reserves His Ruling (Atlanta Georgian)

August 13, 1913: Defense Lets Down All Bars for Attack on Frank’s Character (Atlanta Georgian)

August 13, 1913: Frank’s Classmates at College Tell of His Good Character (Atlanta Georgian)

August 13, 1913: Judge Roan Rules Out New Attack on Frank’s Character (Atlanta Georgian)

August 13, 1913: Justice Is Aim of Both Sides in Trial of Frank; Square Deal Is Certain (Atlanta Georgian)

August 13, 1913: Query Wrings Cry of Agony from Mother; Wife Sobs Silently (Atlanta Georgian)

August 13, 1913: State Calls More Witnesses; State Builds Up an Alibi (Atlanta Georgian)

August 13, 1913: Tragedy Re-enacted to Prove Story of Conley Impossible (Atlanta Georgian)

August 14, 1913: Defense Shifts Burden by Making Character of Leo Frank an Issue (Atlanta Georgian)

August 14, 1913: Frank’s Mother Resents Questioning of Dorsey (Atlanta Georgian)

August 14, 1913: Mother-in-Law of Frank, On Stand, Is Angered by Dorsey (Atlanta Georgian)

August 14, 1913: Negro Drunk Day of Crime, Miss Carson Swears He Told Her (Atlanta Georgian)

August 14, 1913: State’s Sole Aim Is to Convict, Defense’s to Clear in Modern Trial (Atlanta Georgian)

August 14, 1913: Wife and Mother of Accused Are Warned Against Outbreaks (Atlanta Georgian)

August 15, 1913: Climax Near in Great Court Fight; Crowds Again Flock to Trial (Atlanta Georgian)

August 15, 1913: Defense Is Near Completion of Frank Alibi (Atlanta Georgian)

August 15, 1913: Girl’s Testimony Mainstay of Defense Alibi for Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

August 15, 1913: Leo Frank May Go on Stand as Climax of Defense’s Battle (Atlanta Georgian)

August 15, 1913: Prisoner’s Name Is Defended by Many; Climax in Case Near (Atlanta Georgian)

August 15, 1913: What ‘They Say’ Won’t Hurt Leo Frank; State Must ‘Prove’ Depravity (Atlanta Georgian)

August 15, 1913: Women of Factory Declare Leo Frank’s Character Is Good (Atlanta Georgian)

August 16, 1913: Defense Alters Its Plans; Prisoner May Not Tell Tale To-day (Atlanta Georgian)

August 16, 1913: Mother’s Love Gives Trial Its Great Scene (Atlanta Georgian)

August 16, 1913: Only One of Factory Women Fails to Aid Case of Their Chief (Atlanta Georgian)

August 16, 1913: Statement by Frank Will Be the Climactic Feature of the Trial (Atlanta Georgian)

August 17, 1913: Counsel for Defense Declare He Alone Has Prepared a Statement (Atlanta Georgian)

August 17, 1913: Frank’s Counsel Bit by Bit Builds Structure to Crush Conley Story (Atlanta Georgian)

August 17, 1913: Girl on Stand Shouts She Would Die for Leo Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

August 17, 1913: Leo Frank Is Ready to Reveal His Story: Lawyers Say They Haven’t Advised Him (Atlanta Georgian)

August 17, 1913: Leo Frank’s Own Story to Add Final Touch to State’s Greatest Trial (Atlanta Georgian)

August 17, 1913: Supreme Test Comes as State Trains Guns on Frank’s Character (Atlanta Georgian)

August 18, 1913: Club and Envelope Found by Pinkerton Man Put in Evidence (Atlanta Georgian)

August 18, 1913: Frank Makes His Own Best Witness Telling Direct Detailed Story (Atlanta Georgian)

August 18, 1913: Frank Takes Stand: Tells His Story to Men Who Hold Fate (Atlanta Georgian)

August 18, 1913: Lawyers Urged by Accused to Permit Cross-Examination (Atlanta Georgian)

August 18, 1913: Leo Frank Testifies: Profound Impression Made by Prisoner’s Remarkable Story (Atlanta Georgian)

August 18, 1913: Remarkable Story Creates Profound Impression on All (Atlanta Georgian)

August 18, 1913: Wife in Tears as Frank Concludes His Remarkable Story (Atlanta Georgian)

August 18, 1913: Woman Denies Being Told of Escapade of Prisoner with Girl (Atlanta Georgian)

August 19, 1913: 2 Witnesses Swear Negress’ Statement Was Made Willingly (Atlanta Georgian)

August 19, 1913: Dorsey Admits He Made Erasure on Factory Time Slip (Atlanta Georgian)

August 19, 1913: Frank’s Statement Is Best Plea Presented in His Defense So Far (Atlanta Georgian)

August 19, 1913: Frank’s Story in Complete Form as Told to the Jury (Atlanta Georgian)

August 19, 1913: Indirect Testimony Against Prisoner Is Forbidden by Judge (Atlanta Georgian)

August 19, 1913: Negress’ Denial of Affidavit, Damaging to the Accused, Hit (Atlanta Georgian)

August 19, 1913: ‘Time to Talk Is Now And I Have Told Whole Truth,’ He Says (Atlanta Georgian)

August 19, 1913: Wife At Last Breaks Down, Overcome by Frank’s Story (Atlanta Georgian)

August 19, 1913: Witness Says He Saw Mary Phagan about Noon of Tragic Day (Atlanta Georgian)

August 20, 1913: Conductor’s Evidence Contradicted; State Defends Jim Conley (Atlanta Georgian)

August 20, 1913: Defense Begins Its Sur-Rebuttal; Hopes to Conclude Quickly (Atlanta Georgian)

August 20, 1913: Dorsey Battles to Have Doctors Prove Testimony of Harris (Atlanta Georgian)

August 20, 1913: Effort to Prove Immorality Blocked (Atlanta Georgian)

August 20, 1913: Experts Called by State Corroborate Harris’ Testimony (Atlanta Georgian)

August 20, 1913: Frank Denies That He Knew Dead Girl; Defends Employee (Atlanta Georgian)

August 20, 1913: Harris’ Testimony Corroborated by Experts for State (Atlanta Georgian)

August 20, 1913: Objection to Character Attack Puts Defense in Anomalous Position (Atlanta Georgian)

August 21, 1913: Arnold Opens Argument Charging Persecution (Atlanta Georgian)

August 21, 1913: Georgia’s Greatest Murder Trial Nears Its Fateful Close (Atlanta Georgian)

August 21, 1913: Mass Perjuries Charged by Arnold: Centers Hot Attack on Conley; Ridicules Prosecution Theory (Atlanta Georgian)

August 21, 1913: Prisoner Stoically Calm as State Asks for Death Penalty (Atlanta Georgian)

August 21, 1913: Prisoner Stoically Listens to Scathing Arguments of State (Atlanta Georgian)

August 21, 1913: Racial Prejudice Is Blamed by Defense for ‘Persecution’ (Atlanta Georgian)

August 22, 1913: Accused Arraigned by Solicitor as He Sums up State’s Case (Atlanta Georgian)

August 22, 1913: Calm, Dispassioned Plea for Acquittal Impresses Hearers (Atlanta Georgian)

August 22, 1913: Closing Arguments May Take Entire Day; Dorsey to End Case (Atlanta Georgian)

August 22, 1913: Conviction on Chain of Circumstances Is Upheld by Solicitor (Atlanta Georgian)

August 22, 1913: Hooper and Arnold in Argument Made Most of Their Opportunities (Atlanta Georgian)

August 22, 1913: Link by Link, Frank Defender Hews Away at State’s Theories (Atlanta Georgian)

August 22, 1913: Solicitor and City Detectives Scored for Tactics in Case (Atlanta Georgian)

August 23, 1913: Crowd in Sympathy with Solicitor; His Speech Masterpiece (Atlanta Georgian)

August 23, 1913: Dorsey Assails Frank’s Alibi; Charges Perjury (Atlanta Georgian)

August 23, 1913: Hundreds Storm Court as Case Nears the Jury (Atlanta Georgian)

August 23, 1913: Remarkable Speeches by Veteran Rosser and Boyish Dorsey End Case (Atlanta Georgian)

August 23, 1913: Terrible Scoring Is Given Frank; Crowd Cheers Prosecutor (Atlanta Georgian)

August 24, 1913: Both Sides Make Strong Charges of Perjured Evidence During the Trial (Atlanta Georgian)

August 24, 1913: Crowds at Frank Trial as Remarkable as Case Itself (Atlanta Georgian)

August 24, 1913: Dorsey Demands Death Penalty for Frank in Thrilling Closing Plea (Atlanta Georgian)

August 24, 1913: Dorsey Shows Victim’s Clothes to Jury; Her Mother and Mrs. Frank Break Down (Atlanta Georgian)

August 24, 1913: Dorsey’s Closing Address a Scorching Attack on Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

August 24, 1913: Facing Frank, Solicitor Dorsey Recites Theory of Crime: Horrible Plot Was Laid in March, the Prosecutor Asserts (Atlanta Georgian)

August 24, 1913: Frank Exhibits Every Emotion — Except Fear and Dread: Public, Keyed to Highest Pitch, Is Astonished by His Apparent Calmness (Atlanta Georgian)

August 24, 1913: Frank Jurors An Enthralling Study in Human Emotion (Atlanta Georgian)

August 24, 1913: Frank Women-Folk Stoic as Spartan Gnawed by Fox (Atlanta Georgian)

August 24, 1913: Hugh Dorsey Wins His Spurs in Phagan Case: Fourth Week of Frank Trial Finds Interest of Public Still White Hot (Atlanta Georgian)

August 25, 1913: Dorsey Riddles Frank’s Own Statement in Final Plea: Demand Leo Frank Be Sent to the Gallows as Mary Phagan’s Slayer (Atlanta Georgian)

August 25, 1913: Frank, Guilty on First Ballot: No Recommendation to Court for Mercy Contained in Verdict (Atlanta Georgian)

August 25, 1913: Good Character No Bar to Conviction, Asserts Judge Charging Jury (Atlanta Georgian)

August 25, 1913: I’m as Innocent as I Was a Year Ago, Says Frank (Atlanta Georgian)

August 25, 1913: Judge Refuses New Trial to Defense as State Closes Plea (Atlanta Georgian)

August 25, 1913: Mistrial Asked: Defense Attorneys Vigorously Protest Against Intimations (Atlanta Georgian)

August 25, 1913: Packed Courtroom Applauds as Dorsey Begins Closing Plea (Atlanta Georgian)

August 26, 1913: Frank’s Friends Hopeful; ‘I’m Vindicated’ — Lanford (Atlanta Georgian)

August 26, 1913: Frank Sentenced to Hang Oct. 10: Rosser Asks for New Trial; Prepares to Go to Supreme Court (Atlanta Georgian)

August 26, 1913: Judge Must, Under Verdict, Pass Sentence of Death (Atlanta Georgian)

August 26, 1913: Judge Stays Sentence; New Trial to Be Asked (Atlanta Georgian)

August 26, 1913: Pierce Loses Pinkerton Job by Actions in Phagan Case (Atlanta Georgian)

August 26, 1913: Prisoner Must Hang Oct. 10, Judge Rules; Innocent, He Repeats (Atlanta Georgian)

August 26, 1913: Secrets of the Frank Jury: Juror Reveals How Verdict Was Reached (Atlanta Georgian)

August 27, 1913: Dorsey Undecided on Action Against Negro Conley as Accessory (Atlanta Georgian)

August 27, 1913: Frank Attacks Solicitor Dorsey’s Arraignment: Dorsey’s Speech Called Unfair (Atlanta Georgian)

August 27, 1913: Frank Trial ‘Temporary Widow and Husband Happily Reunited’ (Atlanta Georgian)

August 28, 1913: Reply Made to Frank’s Attack (Atlanta Georgian)

August 28, 1913: Solicitor Is After New Evidence (Atlanta Georgian)