The long lost transcript of the official Coroner Paul V. Donehoo Inquest tribunal testimony of the Mary Phagan Rape-Strangulation-Mutilation Case has finally been re-discovered! Find out what has been suppressed from Hollywood to Broadway for more than one hundred years by Jewish activist academics, publishing houses, theatres, newspaper conglomerates, radio, tv stations and mainstream media bosses across the United States of America!

Check it out now:

[Editor’s Note: One hundred years of tribal demoralization, anti-Southern deracination, Jewish-Gentile agitation, and anti-Gentilism by the hyper-ethnocentric and well-organized Jewish community against African-American and European-American Gentiles continues unabated with this latest disgusting outrage: the centennial clemency decision honoring of former Governor John Marshall Slaton (1866-1955) on June 17, 2015, for his June 21, 1915, commutation of Leo Frank’s June 22, 1915 scheduled capital punishment by way of hanging. Jewish activists and their fellow travelers rarely mention that after Leo Frank was arrested (Tuesday morning, April 29, 1913, at 11:30 a.m.) for the rape-strangulation-mutilation of Mary Phagan (a thirteen-year-old working class girl who was violated and strangled to death at the National Pencil company) the Governor-Elect John M. Slaton and his law partner Jewish-American Benjamin Z. Phillips (of the well-known Slaton and Phillips) merged with Luther Zeigler Rosser’s law firm, ‘Rosser and Brandon’ – Jewish-American Morris Brandon – all together forming Georgia’s supreme juggernaut law group of Rosser, Brandon, Slaton and Phillips on May 1st 1913. Luther Rosser received an unheard-of $15,000 retainer to represent Leo Frank and defend him at his summer murder trial. $40,000 more from New York City and Chicago was raised for Leo Frank’s defense before his trial began – again an gargantuan sum. During Frank’s incarceration at Atlanta’s “Tower” Jail, a legal defense fund set up on his behalf eventually raised more than $250,000 for his conviction appeals, an astronomical sum of money in the early twentieth century. Moreover, the case that began as a local scandal went viral in nationwide newspaper circulation pathways and radio transmissions — as an ugly Jewish-American media war against White Gentile Southerners ensued with stop-at-nothing vicious attacks against the people of Georgia (an onslaught that sadly persists to this day more than a century later with the greatest ferocity).

Dishonor Celebrated: June 1915, during the last days of his term as the 60th Governor of Georgia, Slaton commuted the death sentence of his law firm’s client, Leo Frank, to life in prison, which inflamed the people of Georgia. In direct retaliation to this political treachery, 1,200 people protested outside the governor’s mansion. Frankites (pro Leo Frank activists) rarely discuss Governor Slaton’s betrayal of the Constitution and grotesque conflict of interest involving his wealthy law firm (Rosser, Brandon, Slaton and Phillips), especially about the fact that it was the impetus for Leo Frank’s abducting and hanging two months later on August 17, 1915 at former Sheriff William J. Frey’s cotton farm. The claim that Leo Frank was convicted and hanged because of anti-Semitism is an anti-Gentile, century-old racist hoax still perpetuated in the media today with bigoted ferocity by Jewish activists and their sycophantic allies.

More than one hundred years later, we continue to pursue justice for Mary Phagan.

We demand the posthumous pardon of Leo Frank be revoked or nullified, whatever it takes, for this centenary racist Jewish mockery to be terminated forever. This is not over, and if it requires one hundred years of agitation and activism to get this illegal posthumous pardon overturned, then so be it! Until then, this case is not closed, but open. Dear reader we have embedded the 1964 anti-Gentile propaganda film created by Jewish Hollywood activists called, “Profiles in Courage: John M. Slaton,” for your review 50 years later!

See the Vicious Hatred Against Anti-Gentilism by Hollywood released to the public with ‘Profiles in Courage, John Slaton’ 1964:

Also purchase the murder of little Mary Phagan two part made-for-tv miniseries on to see how Hollywood again in 1988 defame, slander and smear Southern Gentiles with a disgusting mockery of legal history.

Below is an article about the June 2015 honoring of the corrupt politician John M. Slaton. Please read the 1,800-page Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court records to learn more about Slaton’s criminal activity in the Frank-Phagan affair, it will blow your mind! Now one has articulated the appeals record from 1913-1915]

A Lesson for Judges in Memory of the Governor Who Granted Clemency to Leo Frank

Katheryn Hayes Tucker, Daily Report

June 18, 2015

A crowd that included a Georgia Supreme Court justice, an assistant attorney general, a superior court judge and a former governor gathered in the sunshine and 92-degree heat Wednesday to commemorate a plaque at the Atlanta History Center.

It wasn’t so much the simple black-and-white sign that brought them there but the memory of John Marshall Slaton, the lawyer-governor who sacrificed his political career 100 years ago to grant clemency to Leo Frank, widely believed to be wrongly convicted of murder because of anti-Semitism. Slaton commuted Frank’s death sentence to life in prison. But that wasn’t the end of the story.

As Georgia Supreme Court Justice David Nahmias put it in his remarks to the gathering, “In the final blot that the case placed on the history of our state, a mob kidnapped Leo Frank, drove him to Marietta, and lynched him.”

Nahmias continued, “It is altogether right that we still celebrate what Governor Slaton did, because we need to remember those who stood tall in defense of the rule of law, to inspire all of us who need to stand tall when the rule of law is again threatened, as it is in one way or another almost every day. We need to fight for equal justice under the law, even if we do not immediately prevail.

“Governor Slaton is, and should be, a particular inspiration to people like me—judges on the courts of Georgia and on the federal courts—the kind of judges who were unable to protect Leo Frank from the unjust ending that the mob demanded.”

Other speakers included former Gov. Roy Barnes, Cobb County Superior Court Chief Judge Steve Schuster, Assistant Attorney General of Georgia Van Pearlberg and Jerry Klinger, president of the Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation. The Georgia Historical Society also supported the project.

The marker stands beside the sidewalk on Slaton Drive near the former governor’s home and between the history center’s Veterans Park on West Paces Ferry Road and the historic Swan House. The inscription includes the governor’s name and lifespan, 1866-1955, followed by this note:

“John Marshall Slaton was born in Meriwether County and graduated from the University of Georgia before practicing law in Atlanta. Slaton served in both houses of the Georgia legislature and two terms as governor (1911-12 and 1913-15). While in office, he modernized Georgia’s tax system and roads. Concerned by the sensationalized atmosphere and circumstantial evidence that led to the notorious 1913 conviction of Jewish businessman Leo Frank in the murder of teenager Mary Phagan, Slaton granted Frank clemency in June 1915. Slaton’s commutation of Frank’s death sentence drew national attention but hostile local backlash resulted in Frank’s lynching in August 1915 and the end of Slaton’s political career. Slaton lived on property adjacent to today’s Atlanta History Center and Slaton Drive (named in his honor). He is buried in Oakland Cemetery.”

Disgusting Jewish Racism:

Temple Kol Emeth, Rabbi Steven Lebow’s ugly lies:—A-Georgia-profile-in-courage

Profiles in Courage: John Slaton (1964):

Further Reading:

1. The Murder of Little Mary Phagan by Mary Phagan Kean (1989) New Horizon Press, NJ.

2. The Case of Leo Frank and its Aftermath by Tom Watson Brown, Published at Emory University 1982.

3. Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court records containing the Leo Frank trial brief of evidence, 1913.

Must Watch:

The Murder of Little Mary Phagan two Part miniseries NBC 1988.

Five Articles Written in 1915 by Future U.S. Senator Tom Watson about the Leo Frank Case Transformed into Audiobooks 2015

June 14, 2015

Listen to these five impressive articles about the murder of Little Mary Phagan and Leo Frank case originally published in Watson’s Magazine by future U.S. Senator from Georgia, Tom Watson (1. January, 2. March, 3. August, 4. September and 5. October of 1915) rebooted by Omniphi Media in 2015 — the centennial — into audio-books. […]

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116th Happy Birthday Little Mary Phagan June 1st 2015 in Her Honor: Seeking Justice for the Murder of Little Mary Phagan

June 1, 2015

The Murder of Little Mary Phagan authored by Mary Phagan Kean (1987) has been transformed independently into an educational audiobook for the Vanguard News Network Learning College by Alex Linder, beginning on June 1st 2015, in memory of the 116th Birthday of Mary Phagan (1899-1913). Please take the time to analyze and discuss each chapter […]

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International Jew Study Hour, April 26 Anniversary of Mary Phagan’s Rape-Strangulation: How Jews use Shaming and Guilting Words Anti-Semite and Anti-Semitism to Racistly Attack Gentiles

April 26, 2015

Decoding Anti-Gentilism and Anti-Semitism of the Leo Frank Case, 100 Years of Review Upon the centennial of Mary Phagan’s rape, strangulation and mutilation long ago on Georgia Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday, April 26, 1913, two pioneering spirits: Carolyn Yeager and Hadding Scott, debunk some of the major themes of anti-Gentile racism, claims of anti-Semitism and […]

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131st Happy Birthday Leo Max Frank (Born April 17, 1884): Extremely Rare Leo Frank Case Book Written and Published in 1913, Now Transformed Into 6 Hour Audiobook by Margaret Huffstickler, 2015

April 17, 2015

The Leo Frank Case, Inside Story of Georgia’s Greatest Murder Mystery Complete History of the Sensational Crime and Trial, Portraits of Principals Price 25 cents (Just Kidding: Free!) Published by the Atlanta Publishing Company, Atlanta, Georgia 1913 01 Title Page – Leo Frank Case 1913 Atlanta Georgia’s Greatest Murder Mystery Complete History of the Sensational […]

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March 2015, Centennial Audiobook: A Full Review of the Leo Frank Case by Tom Watson Published in Watson’s Magazine, March 1915.

March 1, 2015

‘A Full Review of the Leo Frank Case’ by Tom Watson published in ‘Watson’s Magazine’, March 1915, transformed into audiobook by Alex Linder of Vanguard News Network and VNNForum Audiobooks (with commentary) ‘A Full Review of the Leo Frank Case’ by Tom Watson Published in Watson’s Magazine, March 1915, transformed into audiobook by Oscar […]

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January 2015, Centennial Audio Book Variations: U.S. Senator Tom Watson’s Jeffersonian Publishing Company: Watson’s Magazine, January, 1915, The Leo Frank Case

January 15, 2015

January 2015, Three Audio Book Versions of Tom Watson’s Magazine, January, 1915 article about ‘The Leo Frank Case': No commentary audiobook by Vanessa Neubauer from National Vanguard audiobooks No commentary audiobook by Omniphi, January 2015, on Tom Watson’s Magazine ‘The Leo Frank Case’, January 1915 Alex Linder‘s centennial commentary, January 2015, on Tom […]

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Leo Frank Meets Hollywood: The Knights of Mary Phagan (2015) $12,000,000 Budget – IMDb

January 1, 2015

From the IMDb Website: Atlanta, Georgia is rocked when thirteen-year-old Mary Phagan is found murdered inside the pencil factory where she worked. Leo Frank, the factory’s Jewish owner, is convicted and sentenced to hang. The town’s hunger for justice, fueled by racism and the fever of the trial, forces the governor to re-examine the verdict. […]

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Jewish Supremacism and Racist Anti-Gentilism Prevails at New Georgia Encyclopedia

January 1, 2015

Dear New Students of the Frank-Phagan Case, The New Georgia Encyclopedia (NGE) with a disingenuous mask of academic legitimacy, openly falsifies the facts surrounding the principals and events associated with the 1913 murder of Mary Phagan and trial of Leo Frank. Their efforts appear to be part of a much broader Jewish Evolutionary Strategy (JES) […]

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Murder of Mary Phagan 101 Years Ago Today, April 26, 2014: The Aborted Apotheosis of Leo Frank, part 1 and part 2

April 26, 2014

Published by admin, on April 26th, 2014 American Dissident Voices broadcast of April 26, 2014 Listen to the broadcast Download 23:12 by Kevin Alfred Strom LEO FRANK was a Jewish sex killer who was president of Atlanta’s B’nai B’rith — and who was re-elected to that post even after his conviction. Frank was tried and […]

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Radio Program: Murder of Mary Phagan Podcast Series at White Network (Listen Now)

January 15, 2014

The Murder of Mary Phagan An Eleven Part Series About the Murder of Mary Phagan, Episode One First Published on December 10, 2013 at Age of Treason Radio by Tanstaafl. Listen to the Full Eleven Part Series Here: References and Sources: The Series About the Murder of Mary Phagan at The Internet Archive by Segment: […]

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Leo Frank’s Deposition to Atlanta Police Detectives at the Stationhouse on Monday Morning, April 28, 1913

April 28, 2015

Below is the transcribed statement Leo Frank made to police at the beginning of the work week following the April 27, 1913 discovery of Mary Phagan’s dead body on that shocking Sunday morning by Newt Lee. The Monday morning, April 28, 1913 interrogation of Leo Frank at Atlanta’s Stationhouse later became State’s Exhibit B at […]

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What’s New? Leo M. Frank Library Addendum and New Additions

April 26, 2015

The following elusive items were added to the Leo Frank Case and Trial Research Library and Archive:2017, Website Completed! All independently written articles on the web site turned into Audiobooks. 2016, Centennial Publishing: The case of Pinkerton Detective Agency verses National Pencil Company, February 1916. Case Related Newspaper Articles All Transcribed so people can […]

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Double Centennial Promotional Videos Created By John de Nugent in 2013 and 2015 to Bring Awareness to the Century-old 1913 Rape-Strangulation Murder of Mary Anne Phagan and 1915 Lynching of Leo Max Frank

March 7, 2015

PART TWO: 2015 Centennial of Leo Frank’s Lynching – John de Nugent’s provocative video about Mary Phagan and modern child abusers: PART ONE: 2013 Centennial of Mary Phagan’s Murder – The Leo Frank Research Library promo-video published on TruTube.TV by John de Nugent. Please Read: (Please refresh the page if it appears to not […]

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Centennial 2015 of Birth of a Nation by D.W. Griffith, March 3rd 1915, Epic Silent Film

March 3, 2015

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Out of the Darkness (1983) in Memory of Dr. William Pierce, Rebooted on April 26, 2014, Dedicated to Mary Phagan (June 1st, 1899 – April 26, 2013)

April 26, 2014

Out of the Darkness (1983) by none other than Dr. William Luther Pierce. This video is dedicated to Little Mary Phagan (June 1, 1899 – April 26, 1913) who was raped, strangled and mutilated by Leo Frank, a Jewish American factory owner. Media by Omniphi hosted on

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Boycott: Sun Sentinel Newspaper, A Bastion of Racist Jewish Extremism

February 9, 2014

Journalist, David A. Schwartz, at the Sun Sentinel, is falsifying the legal history of the the Leo Frank trial, that occurred long ago in Atlanta, during the summer of 1913. Schwartz published pathological lies from ADL member, Lonny Wilk, who spoke about the case during a talk-back session after a showing of the disingenuous and […]

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Jewish Educational Programs Poisoning Children’s Minds in American Middle Schools with racist anti-Gentile propaganda against European-American Southerners..

January 5, 2014

He who controls the present, controls the past and he who controls the past, controls the future. -George Orwell The historical narrative of the well organized Jewish community is one that states in effect, “We Jews are under siege by non-Jews and when we Jews are not under siege by Gentiles, we might be soon, […]

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Southern Poverty Law Center, Winter 2013 Report: Neo-Nazis Behind Leo Frank Propaganda Sites

December 22, 2013

Intelligence Report, Winter 2013, Issue Number: 152 Neo-Nazis Behind Leo Frank Propaganda Sites Just over a century ago, on Aug. 25, 1913, a Georgia jury found factory superintendent Leo Frank guilty of the horrific murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan, whose strangled corpse was found in the basement of Atlanta’s National Pencil Company, which Frank ran. […]

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A New Leo Frank Book Awaits: Make Your Pledge Today!

December 3, 2013

Would you like to help a new book on the Leo Frank case come to life? A Kickstarter project aims to raise $10,000 by the end of the year (Dec 31st, 11:59 PM EST) to fund Leo Frank: Civil Rights for a Century. This book will not only examine the Frank case, but the impact […]

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The ADL Jewish Supremacist Culture War Against Gentile Americans: The Tom Watson Affair October 2013 and Cowardly Liar Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

October 26, 2013

  Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5 Tom Watson Statue To Be Removed From Georgia State Capitol Posted on October 23, 2013 by Hunter Wallace ADL exults over the removal of the Tom Watson statue at the Georgia State Capitol ADL exults over the removal of the Tom Watson statue Georgia Gov. […]

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The Centennial Founding of the “Ashkenazi Defamers League”, This Day in Jewish History: October 20, 2013, Happy 100th Birthday Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, Born in the immediate aftermath of the Leo Frank Conviction. ADL Coronated on October 20th, 1913. Huzzahs for Abraham Foxman, Zionist Comissar of the USA-Israel Anti-Semitism Lobby.

October 20, 2013

Behind the Mask of Respectability from on Vimeo. Defamation (2009) from on Vimeo. References: Jews Against the Anti-Defamation League: ADL: 100 Years of Hate The Lost Radio Islam Files on the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (Select Archive): John de Nugent the Solar General on the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai […]

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The People v. Leo Frank: Steve Oney, “And the Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank”

September 24, 2013

The People v. Leo Frank The author of the definitive book on the Frank trial and lynching explains why the case still sparks debate a century later Posted on 9/24/2013 8:00:00 AM by Steve Oney Photograph courtesy of the Kenan Research Center at the Atlanta History Center Throughout the rain-threatened spring morning, pilgrims kept arriving […]

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More than One Thousand Photographs & Images Surrounding the Leo M. Frank Case on FLICKR.COM

August 28, 2013

Want to see more than 1,000 images pertaining to the Leo Frank Case then visit: Many thanks to who ever created this vast archive. We have slowly uploaded hundreds of Leo Frank-related images for you on our web site and found thousands more on where someone has built a very detailed Leo Frank […]

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August 26, 2013 is the Centennial of the Infamous Conviction of Child Sex Killer Leo Max Frank for The Aggravated Assault, Child Rape and Vicious Strangulation of Mary Phagan

August 26, 2013

Over 100 years ago on Saturday, April 26, 1913, inside a dingy, shuttered factory at the heart of Atlanta’s industrial sector, an infatuated Jewish serial rapist-pedophile viciously assaulted one of his teenage employees who rejected his sexual propositions for the last time. EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE FOR INCOG MAN READERS, By Bob Frapples Mary Anne Phagan, 13 […]

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Judge Leonard Roan’s Instructions to the Jury and Conviction of Leo Frank, Monday Afternoon, August 25, 1913.

August 25, 2013

The Jury were given their orders from the Judge Leonard Stickland Roan after Hugh M. Dorsey completed his closing arguments that ended at noon on Monday, August 25, 1913. The Jury began deliberation at 1:30pm, at one point during the review a vote was taken and the result was 11 to 1. The dissenting voter […]

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Abraham Foxman and Jewish Anti-Defamation League on the Leo Frank Case: 100 Years of Blaming Anti-Semitism and Perpetuating Racist Anti-Gentile Conspiracies to Smear European-American Southerners

August 24, 2013

ADL Blog: 100 Years Later, Anti-Semitism Around Leo Frank Case Abounds Press Release ADL: Anti-Semitism Around Leo Frank Case Flourishes on 100th Anniversary Leo Frank Trial Still Reverberates a Century Later. Anti-Semitism Spurred Creation of Anti-Defamation League by Abraham Foxman, August 27, 2013 Read more: A Century Later, Leo Frank Tragedy Still […]

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Neo-Nazis Use Leo Frank Case for Anti-Semitic Propaganda Push by Paul Berger of the Jewish Daily Forward

August 23, 2013

In reference to Paul Berger’s article, ‘White Supremacists Exploit Interest in Jewish Lynch Victim’ Read more: LOL! This Jew Peter Berger writes: “It is impossible to say who is behind most of the neo-Nazi websites.” I can tell them! 😉 I was talking with a black nationalist radio talk show host named Chad Josiah […]

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2013 Centennial Arguments of Hugh M. Dorsey at the Criminal Trial of Leo M. Frank Indicted for the Murder of Mary Phagan

August 22, 2013

Click Here for the Long Version: Hugh M. Dorsey Download: Argument of Hugh M. Dorsey at the Trial of Leo M. Frank in Adobe PDF format. Published in 1914, this 146-page book, based on the trial transcript, contains the text of some, but not all, of the nine hours of closing arguments prosecutor Dorsey made […]

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August 18, *2013*, This Day in Jewish History, One Hundred Years Ago Today on August 18, *1913*: Climax of the Epic Southern Trial of 20th Century in Atlanta, Georgia, Leo Frank Mounted the Witness Stand and Made an Admission that was Delicious Irony!

August 18, 2013

Leo Max Frank, Twice President of the B’nai B’rith Chapter of Atlanta, Georgia, First Term: September, 1912 – September, 1913. Second Term: September, 1913 – September, 1914. 21st Century Time Travelers of the Imagination Presents: The Leo Frank Trial Transcript from Official Legal Records and Atlanta Newspaper Accounts in 1913 Today on August 18th *2013*, […]

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Leo Frank Got Shanked in Prison on July 17, 1915, by William Creen

July 17, 2013

A Prison dorm at the Milledgeville Prison where Leo Frank was Incarcerated from June 22, 1915 to August 16, 1915 July 17, 1915 – Leo Frank Shanked Brief Version: Leo Frank was attacked at the State Farm Prison in Milledgeville on July 17, 1915, by a fellow convict named William Creen, who slashed Leo’s throat […]

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Matt Lebovic, Journalist for the Times of Israel and the Big Lies about the Leo Frank Case

May 28, 2013

Dear Matt Lebovic, The article you have written, ‘The ADL and KKK, born of the same murder, 100 years ago” and published at the Times of Israel Dot Com, perpetuates the 100 year old, Jewish pathological BIG LIE about the Leo Frank trial, what amounts to an anti-Gentile blood libel and racist hate crime hoax, […]

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Jewish Blood Libel: The Jewish Hate Speech Death Threat Fraud and Hate Crime Hoax: “Hang the Jews” Perpetuated by Jews Relentlessly About the Leo Frank Case

May 21, 2013

Please politely contact Yaakov Astor and ask him to stop his racist anti-Gentile smear and defamation campaign promoting Jewish hate crime hoaxes and hate speech hoaxes concerning Gentiles and the Leo Frank Trial. The anti-Semitism canard has been used by Jewish extremists for the last century as a blood libel against Gentiles. Yaakov Astor’s Blog […]

Read the full article → Promotes The Jewish Hate Crime Hoax, Anti-Gentile Blood Libel and Anti-Semitism Canard

May 13, 2013

Please contact the History Channel and politely ask them to stop promoting the Jewish Community’s Hate Crime Hoax, Anti-Gentile Blood Libel and Anti-Semitism Canard against European-Americans concerning the Leo Frank Case. Politely contact them at Jewish Pathological Lies at the History Channel: Thirteen-year-old Mary Phagan is found sexually molested and murdered in the […]

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B’nai B’rith’s ADL: 100 Years of Deception: Leo Frank, Abe Foxman, & Minister Farrakhan

May 6, 2013

By Tingba Muhammad, NOI Research Group | Last updated: May 6, 2013 – 12:56:20 PM What’s your opinion on this article? Printer Friendly Page   “Throughout the history of Black people, B’nai B’rith leaders are conspicuously found aiding Black enslavement—not Black freedom—and the 512-page Nation of Islam book The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, […]

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Marc Davis of Perpetuates the Hundred Year Old, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Hate Crime Hoax: “Hang That Jew Or We’ll Hang You!”

May 2, 2013

“Hang That Jew Or We’ll Hang You!” May 1, 2013 | By Marc Davis One of the most horrific episodes of anti-Semitism in American history – the lynching of Leo Frank – began 100 years ago last week. On April 27, 1913, a night watchman found the bloody body of 13-year-old Mary Phagan in a […]

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Study the Leo Frank Case: Primary and Secondary Sources About the Leo Frank Case

April 27, 2013

Atlanta Constitution Newspaper. Atlanta Georgian Newspaper. Atlanta Journal Newspaper. The prosecutor Hugh Dorsey’s closing arguments (who later became Governor years later). Argument of Hugh M. Dorsey in the Trial of Leo Frank. Some but not all of the 9 hours of arguments given to the Jury at the end of the Leo […]

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The American Mercury: The Murder of Mary Phagan and Lynching of Leo Frank

April 26, 2013

The Finest Selection of Articles About Mary Phagan and Leo Frank Case Visit the American Mercury now and read the Leo Frank Trial Transcript Analysis: 100 Years Ago Today: The Trial of Leo Frank Begins… Leo Frank Trial Week One Leo Frank Trial Week Two One Hundred Years Ago Leo Frank […]

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Jewish Reaction to the Guilt of Leo Frank, April 26, 2013

April 26, 2013

A special program on the 100th anniversary of the rape/murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan (pictured right) on April 26, 1913 in Atlanta, Ga. Hadding Scott and Carolyn Yeager put the emphasis on the Jewish agenda to “overturn the verdict” against Leo Frank in the minds of Americans and people everywhere, and explain how Jewry goes […]

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Presenting the Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence (1913) and Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Records (1913, 1914):

April 26, 2013

Travel down the timeweb to the fall of 1913 in Atlanta, Georgia, you are now a Georgia Supreme Court Justice! How would you rule on Leo Frank’s petitions and appeals, in essence upon his conviction, based upon the official record presented to you? Would you leave undisturbed the verdict rendered against Leo Frank for the […]

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Seeking Justice for Mary Anne Phagan (June 1, 1899 – April 26, 1913) Against the Anti-Defamation League’s Racist, Anti-Gentile Campaign, of Perpetuating the Century-Long, Leo M. Frank Trial, Anti-Semitic Hatecrime Hoax, from 1913 to 2013

April 26, 2013

Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL), Patron Father and Martyr of Anti-Semitism: Leo Frank, Atlanta B’nai B’rith President Serial rapist-pedophile and convicted child killer, Leo Max Frank, violently assaulted, raped, and garroted 13-year-old little Mary Anne Phagan (born Thursday, June 1, 1899) at minutes past twelve-noon, on Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday, April 26, 1913. Phagan […]

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The Temple of Shame: Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue, ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement: Anti-Semitism in America & American Pogrom: The Leo Frank Incident: January 23, 2013′

March 23, 2013

Gentlemen’s Agreement: Anti-Semitism in America & American Pogrom: The Leo Frank Incident: Jan,. 23, 2013 from Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue on Vimeo. Jewish Temples and Synagogues are being used as seditious nests for un-American Jewish domestic extremists waging culture wars of disinformation against Gentiles. Now more than ever, Jewish Temples all across the World are […]

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White Student Union Honors Mary Phagan April 26, 2013

March 15, 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013 WSU Honors Mary Phagan Today members of the White Student Union will be wearing black armbands and black ribbons to mourn for Mary Phagan. Today is the one hundredth anniversary of her brutal rape and murder in a pencil factory in Atlanta Georgia. Her manager, Leo Frank, was convicted of the […]

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The Judicial Conclusion of the Leo Frank Case (1913 to 1915) and it’s Aftermath (1982 to 1986)

April 26, 2012

What is the official consensus regarding the final legal status of Leo Frank’s innocence or guilt in the case of Mary Phagan? 1. The Coroner’s Inquest (Wednesday, April 30, 1913, to Thursday, May 8, 1913): The Fulton County Coroner Paul Donehoo and six jurymen sworn under oath, visited the crime scenes of the National Pencil […]

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The Biography of Leo Max Frank (Thursday, April 17, 1884, to Tuesday Morning, August 17, 1915) and the Bludgeoning, Rape and Strangulation of Little Mary Anne Phagan on Saturday, April 26, 1913, Between 12:05 pm and 12:10 pm, maybe 12:07 pm.

April 26, 2012

The Leo Frank Affair (1913 to 1915) and its aftermath (1915 to 1986), What Really Happened? Welcome to the Leo Frank Case Research Library Archive, the largest online collection of primary sources concerning the life, and centarian legacy (1915 to 2015) of Leo Frank, who was convicted August 25, 1913, of having strangled 13 year […]

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What’s his name?

April 17, 2012

Mr. Leo Max Frank One of the rarest, earliest and clearest vintage photos of Leo M. Frank taken nearly 72 hours after the murder of Mary Phagan by Press Photographer Mr. Price on Tuesday afternoon, April 28, 1913, at the Atlanta Police Station for the Atlanta Constitution newspaper. The brown tweed suit Leo Frank is […]

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Reuben Rose Arnold

December 28, 2010

The argument of Reuben Rose Arnold in PDF and OCR Text versions. Argument of Reuben Rose Arnold at the Trial of Leo M. Frank (PDF version – Right mouse click and save as). The Trial of Leo Frank, Reuben R. Arnold’s Address to the Court on his Behalf in October 1913. Introduction by Alvin V. […]

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