Jeffersonian Weekly

Tom Watson’s weekly newspaper articles about the Frank-Phagan case or its associated principals.



May 8, 1913: How Atlanta Cleaned Up (Jeffersonian)



March 19, 1914: The Frank Case: When and Where Shall Rich Criminals Be Tried? (Jeffersonian)

April 2, 1914: What Some of the Jeffersonian Readers Think of “The Frank Case” (Jeffersonian)

April 9, 1914: The Leo Frank Case. Does the State of Georgia Deserve This Nation-Wide Abuse? (Jeffersonian)

April 16, 1914: Letters from the People: The Frank Case and the Beattie Case (Jeffersonian)

April 23, 1914: How Much Longer Will the People of Atlanta Endure the Lawless Doings of William J. Burns? (Jeffersonian)

April 30, 1914: The Frank Case; the Great Detective; and the Frantic Efforts of Big Money to Protect Crime (Jeffersonian)

May 7, 1914: William Jackass Burns, at Another Angle: Some Tarnished Lawyers; Some Bought Newspapers; and the Murder of a Little Georgia Girl (Jeffersonian)

May 14, 1914: The Frank Case: What Does It Reveal Concerning Conditions in Georgia? (Jeffersonian)

May 21, 1914: Letters from the People/A Fine Letter on the Frank Case (Jeffersonian)

May 28, 1914: Letters from the People/The Frank Case, and Atlanta Newspapers; and Burns (Jeffersonian)

June 4, 1914: Letters from the People: Yes, Burns Is Getting on the Rotten Egg List Mighty Fast (Jeffersonian)

June 11, 1914: Nobody Wants to Drag the Frank Case into Politics. But — (Jeffersonian)

June 18, 1914: Letters from the People (Jeffersonian)

June 25, 1914: Letters from the People/William J. Burns, “The Great Detective” (Jeffersonian)

August 6, 1914: The Doleful Downfall of Hugh Dorsey! (Jeffersonian)

October 8, 1914: The Leo Frank Case Campaign Opens Again!!! (Jeffersonian)

October 15, 1914: The Frank Case Brings in Another Horse — A Smaller One than Usual (Jeffersonian)

October 29, 1914: The Frank Case and the Innes-Nelms Cases (Jeffersonian)

November 19, 1914: The Leo Frank Case Again Decided by the Supreme Court (Jeffersonian)

December 3, 1914: Leo Frank, As a Regular Newspaper Contributor (Jeffersonian)

December 17, 1914: Leo Frank Sentenced Again: Another Campaign of Big Money Begins: Burns and C. P. Connolly (Jeffersonian)

December 31, 1914: Where Ought Law Cases to be Tried? And How? And by Whom? In Re Leo Frank  (Jeffersonian)



February 25, 1915: A Georgian Is Stirred Over Abuse of State (Jeffersonian)

May 27, 1915: Why Are Frank’s Hired Champions Afraid to Publish the Official Record, and to Let the World Read the Evidence Which Convicted Him? (Jeffersonian)

June 10, 1915: Possibilities and Peculiarities of the Frank Case (Jeffersonian)

June 17, 1915: Letters from the People (Jeffersonian)

June 24, 1915: The Old Paths — And the New Path Taken by the Frank Case (Jeffersonian)

July 1, 1915: Slaton Misstates the Law, the Supreme Court Decisions, and the Evidence (Jeffersonian)

July 8, 1915: Aftermath of Slaton’s Treachery in the Frank Case (Jeffersonian)

July 15, 1915: While Leo Frank Is Loafing at the State Farm, the Rich Jews Continue to Defame the People and the Courts of Georgia (Jeffersonian)

July 22, 1915: The Frank Case; John M. Slaton; a Forgery or Two; and a Hidden Mesh-Bag (Jeffersonian)

July 29, 1915: Slaton’s Home-Coming and Some Questions That He Must Be Prepared to Answer (Jeffersonian)

August 5, 1915: Gentile Put to Death on the Evidence of a Negro for Killing a Jew (Jeffersonian)

August 12, 1915: The Commutation of Frank’s Sentence Is Null and Void! (Jeffersonian)

August 19, 1915: John M. Slaton Talks in Alaska. Attacks Senators Smith and Hardwick (Jeffersonian)

August 26, 1915: “The Wages of Sin Is Death”/Frank Virtually Confessed, Ceased to Claim Innocence (Jeffersonian)

September 2, 1915: “Leo Frank Wrote His Own Alibi” (Jeffersonian)

September 9, 1915: Here Is the Positive Evidence Against John M. Slaton (Jeffersonian)

September 16, 1915: H. Katz, Principal of Hebrew Institute, Writes a Review of the Frank Case (Jeffersonian)

September 23, 1915: The State versus John M. Slaton: Indictment for Treason (Jeffersonian)

September 30, 1915: Further Features of the Rosser-Slaton-Haas and John Grant Gang (Jeffersonian)

October 7, 1915: John Slaton’s Declaration of War: John Grant’s Artillery (Jeffersonian)

October 14, 1915: Carpet-Bagger Stockbridge, of the Rotten Ruralist, Slanders the Living and the Dead (Jeffersonian)

October 21, 1915: Letters from the People/Commuters Fade Away as Lists Are Examined: More Slaton-Haas-Rosser Frauds (Jeffersonian)

October 28, 1915: Letters from the People/The Frank Case in Its Relation to the Knights of Columbus, the Jews and the Persecution of Watson (Jeffersonian)

November 4, 1915: Letters from the People/The American Law-Review, on the Frank Case (Jeffersonian)

November 11, 1915: Letters from the People (Jeffersonian)

November 18, 1915: Letters from the People (Jeffersonian)

December 9, 1915: Letters from the People/The Trial of Thos. E. Watson (Jeffersonian)

December 16, 1915: Additional Letters from the People (Jeffersonian)



February 3, 1916: The Democratic Department of Justice Planning a Revolutionary Invasion of States Rights (Jeffersonian)

February 10, 1916: Is Georgia the Worst of All the States? (Jeffersonian)

February 17, 1916: A Plain Talk to the Attorney-General of the United States (Jeffersonian)

February 24, 1916: Major C. E. McGregor Writes a Letter to the Macon Telegraph (Jeffersonian)

March 2, 1916: Many Editors Differ from U.S. District Attorney, Gregory (Jeffersonian)

March 9, 1916: Additional Letters from the People (Jeffersonian)

March 16, 1916: Hon. Clark Howell Asks Questions of the Gubernatorial Candidates (Jeffersonian)

April 27, 1916: The Final Confession of Leo Frank’s Guilt (Jeffersonian)

May 4, 1916: Paid for “a Receipt” That Leo Frank Was Innocent? (Jeffersonian)

May 11, 1916: The Truth About the Settlement of the Frank Case (Jeffersonian)

May 25, 1916: “The Truth About the Murder of Mary Phagan, For Which an Innocent Man Died” (Jeffersonian)

June 1, 1916: Sorry to See ’em Worrying About Hugh Dorsey: They Are Lugging in the Frank Case (Jeffersonian)

January 11, 1917: “Why Was Frank Lynched?” (Jeffersonian)