Scandal Then and Now: Southern Knights the Leo Frank Case, 1999 Canada Government Funded, State TV propaganda Broadcast.

by Curator on July 12, 2019

Southern Knights (1999): “Scandal Then and Now”, Canadian government propaganda (see the credits) stacked almost entirely with Leo Frank partisan-hacks, Jewish supremacists, Jewish mythmakers, Jewish ethnocentrists, allied co-religionists, Jewish activist scriptwriters in the background, Jewish pseudo-scholars, and tabloidesque Journalists. The only voice of opposition in the script is Mary Phagan-Kean, namesake and great-niece of the 1913 murder victim, “little” Mary Phagan. She was so small, the L in her nickname is lowercase. The homicidal serial-pedophile and sex strangler Leo Frank mutilated the girl’s face and body, he urinated on her corpse when it was in the basement (police found her clothes from head to toe covered in urine). The information war has been going strong for his rehabilitation.

Press the vertical bars at the bottom right of the video player to turn on or off the sound, and adjust its strength.

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