Five Extraordinary Leo Frank Case Audiobooks Created in 2015 from Watson’s Magazines 1915 (Jan, March, August, September and October)

by Curator on October 24, 2017

On the audio player above press the little house with four columns at the right corner of it to go to the original recordings.

Listen to these five impressive booklets about the investigation into the murder of Little Mary Phagan that became known as The Leo Frank Case, these were originally published in Watson's Magazine by future U.S. Senator from Georgia, Tom Watson (1. January, 2. March, 3. August, 4. September and 5. October of 1915) rebooted by Oscar Turner in 2015 -- the lynching centennial (1915-2015) -- into audio-books.

Check them out and listen to all five. Please download them and upload them to other media websites.

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