Perhaps now is the time to begin organizing for the centennial of her murder, for meeting at the Grave of Mary Anne Phagan on April 26, 2013, to bring flowers, stuffed animals, toys, say prayers and remember the girl who fought for life and limb to protect her womanhood from a creepy Jewish serial pedophile rapist, Leo Frank the Toilet Strangler, B’nai B’rith President of Atlanta (1912, 1913) and Anti-Defamation League founding patron fatherly martyr.

Jewish Factory Boss Leo Frank’s Conviction in 1913: The Birth of the Anti-Defamation League and Second Incarnation of the KKK

On the 99th anniversary of the verdict, we look at the dramatic confessions of Leo Frank for the murder of Mary Phagan (autopsy photo below).

THE CENTURY-OLD cold case Mary Phagan murder mystery the violent rape and murder of a Christian teenager Mary Phagan and the subsequent lynching of the convicted killer, Jewish businessman Leo Frank has now been conclusively solved by scholars using the extensive 1913 official investigation and trial records.

In this once-in-a-lifetime event, the publishing, mass media, and academic establishments who have for decades promoted the conspiracy theory that anti-Semites framed Frank for the crime because he was Jewish have been proven to be wrong by the statements of Leo Frank himself.

At the murder trial, an admission was made by the defendant, when he testified from the witness stand, amounting to a confession. If this is indeed true, then the logical question is:

How many times in the annals of US legal history has similar happened?

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