The ADL’s Racist Jewish Hoax: Walk Against Hate (Time to Organize, Blacks, Muslims, Armenians, Whites and other Groups)

by Curator on October 24, 2017

The ADL’s Walk Against Hate is an ugly smoke screen for Jewish racism, bigotry and prejudice.

It’s time we organize Blacks, Muslims, Armenians, Whites and other groups to protest against the racist and anti-Gentile ADL

Graphic Designers Needed

We need graphic designers to help us produce 2 to 3 dozen different designs for poster boards (for protesting with), and business cards (to hand out to people at the ADL Walk Against Hate each year) to educate the participants about this racist, bigoted and prejudiced Jewish hoax.

Slogan Ideas Needed

We need protest slogans, chants, jingle and creative ideas…




Can you think of other protest chants? Let’s come up with 2 to 3 dozen, then we can choose the best.

Poster Boards

Some examples below, more are needed.

1. We need to bring protesters to with BIG signs showing the massmurder of Palestinian Children in Apartheid Israel.

2. We need to bring protesters to with BIG signs showing a picture of Abraham Foxman with Hitler Mustache and the words Holocaust Denier over it, emphasizing the bloated troglodyte-faced racist who tried to stop the United States Congress from recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

3. We need to bring protesters to with Big Signs showing pictures of Leo Frank, the Jewish pedophile who raped, strangled and mutilated Mary Phagan, and Big words under it: Racist ADL Wrongly Accused an Innocent Black Man (James Conley) for Leo Frank’s sex crimes or ADL Pedophile Denialists.

4. We need to bring protesters to with Big signs with words saying Un-American Racist ADL, Jewish Hatemongers Censoring Criticism of Apartheid Israel, and Jewish Bigotry.

5. Bring posters of the genital-wart-faced Jew, Jonathan Greenblatt that says pedophile denialist, with links to his article on medium where he denies the guilt of Leo Frank and refutations of his article.

Please help us come up with 2 to 3 dozen more ideas in these regards for poster boards.

Protest the Walk Against Hate Every Year

We need to organize Blacks, Muslims, Armenians, Whites and other groups who are against Israel Apartheid to go to ADL events all over the United States and protest with big signs and business cards to hand out with WWW sites exposing the disgusting anti-Defamation League.

Brainstorming for protests against ADL

How do we organize effective protests against the ADL with good turnout, high quality poster boards and excellent quality business cards?

How to we contact groups, civic leaders, community organizers and other groups to come together as a coalition to protest the ADL?

What groups are likely to support such protests against the ADL and apartheid Israel?

What leaders can we contact in each community to organize multi-group organizations in coalitions against the ADL and other Jewish groups that support the Apartheid State of Israel?

Learn more about the ADL’s racist hoax used as a smoke screen to coverup Israeli apartheid, war crimes and genocide of Palestinians.

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