Another in our series of new transcriptions of contemporary articles on the Leo Frank case.

The Atlanta Constitution

Sunday, June 22, 1913

Of especial [sic] interest in legal circles is the announcement that two of the leading law firms of Atlanta have joined forces, under the firm name of Rosser, Brandon, Slaton & Phillips. They will begin operation with offices on the west end of the seventh floor of the Grant building on July 1.

Associated with the firm will be Luther Z. Rosser, Morris Brandon, John M. Slaton, Benjamin Z. Phillips, J. H. Porter, I. S. Hopkins, L. Z. Rosser Jr., V. B. Moore, J. J. Ragan, and James J. Slaton.

Governor elect Slaton has been in the practice of law for twenty-six years and with his partner Mr. Phillips has a clientele which he desires preserved. During nine teen years the firms has been known as Slaton & Phillips.

Mr. Slaton will have no connection with the firm made by the combination of his firm and that of Rosser & Brandon and will in nowise be connected with the practice of law nor will he have any participation in the earnings of the firms during his term of office.

* * *

The Atlanta Constitution, June 22nd 1913, “Leading Law Firms Have Joined Forces,” Leo Frank case newspaper article series (Original PDF)