The Leo Frank Case: The Lynching of a Guilty Man, part 10 thumbnail

by Philip St. Raymond
for The American Mercury

THE “Hang the Jew” hoax — the claim that “anti-Semitic mobs” stood outside the courtroom during the 1913 Atlanta murder trial of Leo Frank, shouting “hang the Jew or we’ll hang you” or the like and thereby intimidating the jury — was demolished during our audio book segment last week, and shown to be an invention totally unsupported by the facts. This week we hear in detail how that hoax has been cut and pasted, repeated, amplified, mangled, and embellished by lazy, sloppy, and partisan academics, writers, and journalists over the years. One source even claimed that the “anti-Semitic mobs” that surrounded the courtroom were “inflamed” by the anti-Jewish rhetoric of populist writer Tom Watson — though it is common knowledge that Watson never wrote about the case until well after the trial. It’s an amazing litany of incompetence and deception by both Jewish and non-Jewish leaders in the American media, educational, and cultural establishment.

In this, the tenth audio segment of this ground-breaking work originally published by the Nation of Islam, part of their series called The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, we also see the evidence that — far from being a “persecuted minority” — Jews in the South were very much accepted as a welcomed and even elite part of the white community, and that Jews in turn accepted and supported the supremacist racial hierarchy system there. Their attitude toward black people, the real persecuted minority, was completely the opposite of how the Jewish organizations like to portray it today: Jews fully supported a system in which black men and women constantly lived in fear of losing their lives for the slightest real or imagined infraction. We’ll learn that Leo Frank himself once even stated that black people had “no value.”

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This new audio book, based on the Nation of Islam’s The Leo Frank Case: The Lynching of a Guilty Man, the best investigative effort made on the Leo Frank case in the last 100 years, will take you on a trip into the past — to the greatest American murder mystery of all time; a mystery that will reveal to you the hidden forces that shape our world even today.

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We at The American Mercury are now proud to present part 10 of our audio version of this very important book, read by Vanessa Neubauer.

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