The argument of Reuben Rose Arnold in PDF and OCR Text versions.

Argument of Reuben Rose Arnold at the Trial of Leo M. Frank (PDF version – Right mouse click and save as). The Trial of Leo Frank, Reuben R. Arnold’s Address to the Court on his Behalf in October 1913. Introduction by Alvin V. Sellers. Classic Publishing Co., Baxley GA. Copyright, 1915 by Alvin V. Sellers and The Trow Press, New York. Booklet format, 69 pages and published in 1915. Original booklets are extremely rare and difficult to find in good condition. This original was scanned and brought to you by the Leo Frank Research Archive ( Available here in Adobe PDF and OCR Text. A review of the Final Trial Statement concerning the Leo Frank Trial by Reuben Rose Arnold can be found on Internet Archive.

The OCR Text version of the October 1913 Argument of Reuben Rose Arnold is about 90 to 95% accurate due to the maturity issues of the scanning technology, the PDF provided above is a much better version and is a high resolution scan of the original booklet.

Please Note: The October 1913 speech is one given at a hearing on behalf of Leo Frank after the murder trial in an attempt to have the verdict of guilty set aside and a new trial issued by Judge Leonard Strickland Roan. The October 1913 speech is, not to be, but is often, confused with the late August 1913 criminal trial closing argument given to the Court and Jury by Reuben Arnold, the one where he first openly and publicly claims and makes the charge that if Leo Frank were not a Jew the trial to convict him would have never taken place.

The August 1913 (as opposed to the Oct 1913) speech by Reuben R. Arnold is available in Lawson’s American State Trials Volume X 1918. Most people get the two individual 1913 speeches confused (August trial vs. October post trial), including prominent authors of Leo Frank books and articles.

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