“Hang That Jew Or We’ll Hang You!”

May 1, 2013 | By Marc Davis

One of the most horrific episodes of anti-Semitism in American history – the lynching of Leo Frank – began 100 years ago last week. On April 27, 1913, a night watchman found the bloody body of 13-year-old Mary Phagan in a factory basement in Atlanta. Police arrested the superintendent, a New York Jew named Leo Frank.

The city exploded. Angry anti-Semitic mobs vowed revenge. They gathered outside the courthouse during Frank’s trial screaming: “Hang that Jew or we’ll hang you!”

The jury convicted Frank despite contradictory testimony, and sentenced him to death. After Georgia’s governor commuted Frank’s sentence to life in prison, mobs howled, and hanged the governor in effigy above a sign reading: “John M. Slaton King of Jews.” Eventually, a lynch mob of ostensibly upstanding citizens – including a judge, a mayor and a former governor – kidnapped Frank from jail and hanged him.

In 1986, the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles pardoned Frank, citing the state’s inability to protect him or bring his killers to justice. One good thing came from the affair: the birth of the Anti-Defamation League, a group that, to this day, fights anti-Semitism and bigotry around the world.

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Marc Davis grew up in the Old Country (Brooklyn), where he learned to love the Mets. His mom makes perfect chicken soup, and his dad forced him to listen to Mickey Katz records. Marc spent 28 years as a newspaper reporter and editor. He lives in Virginia Beach with his beautiful wife, Sharon.

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Dear Marc Davis of Jewniverse.com,

People screaming “hang the jew” or “kill the jew” or “hang the Jew, or We’ll hang you” outside the courtroom is an anti-Gentile blood libel hoax fabricated by Leonard Dinnerstein and Abraham Foxman, this racist anti-Gentile hatecrime hoax that mobs terrorized the Jury and courtroom is a disgusting and vicious BIG LIE that has been perpetuated for a very long time by Jewish domestic extremists to smear Southerners and European-Americans, blaming anti-Semitism on their part and not the facts, which resulted in the conviction of an “innocent” Leo Frank who was “framed”. Please stop perpetuating BIG LIES about the Leo Frank Case, fabricated by known Jewish cultural terrorists, Jewish Racial Supremacists, Jewish Hatemongers, Jewish fearmongers and Jewish bigoted fanatics. There is no record in the newspapers or Leo Frank trial and appeals records ever mentioning people screaming anti-semitic chants outside into the courtroom and there were teams of reporters inside and outside the courtroom where the windows were kept wide open. Below are links daily newspaper reports concerning the Leo Frank Trial, which you can review below, including official legal records.

Racist Anti-Gentile Defamation on the anti-Defamation League web site and Abraham Foxman’s BIG LIE Op Ed:

“Hang the Jew, Hang the Jew.” 1913-1920 ADL – In Retrospect

Trial of Leo Frank, 1913.

“Hang the Jew, Hang the Jew.” This was the cry of the furious mob outside the Atlanta courthouse where Leo Frank, a Northern Jew, stood trial after his arrest in 1913 for a murder he did not commit. Anti-Semitism hung heavy in the courtroom as Frank was found guilty and sentenced to death.

ADL’s “Hang the Jew, Hang the Jew” Big Lie, Suggesting Mob Terrorizing of the Jury and Hate Crime Hoax Against Leo Frank: http://archive.adl.org/ADLHistory/1913_1920.asp

Lessons of the Leo Frank Case Still Relevant

By Abraham H. Foxman

Abraham H. Foxman is National Director of the Anti-Defamation League and Author of Never Again?: The Threat of The New Anti-Semitism (HarperSanFrancisco)

Posted: August 18, 2005

August 17, 2005 marked the 90th anniversary of the lynching of Leo Frank by an anti-Semitic mob in Marietta, Georgia. In 1913 Frank was arrested, tried and convicted of murder, but the results of the trial, and subsequent lynching remain tangible reminders of what America was like in the not too long ago. A New York native, Leo Frank was a manager for the National Pencil Company of Atlanta, Georgia when he was falsely accused of murdering a 14-year-old employee, Mary Phagan.

The murder of Mary Phagan was the catalyst for one of the most virulent anti-Semitic episodes in American history. Frank, a northern Jew, was arrested, indicted and tried for Phagan’s murder without evidence. His trial was a spectacle; threats, intimidation, and a boisterous crowd outside chanting “kill the Jew” and “hang the Jew” could easily be heard through the courtroom’s open windows.


From the “scholarly” article, ‘Leo Frank and the American Jewish Community’, published in the prestigious American Jewish Archive Journal, 1968, volume 20, number 2, by Leonard Dinnerstein author of ‘The Leo Frank Case’ editions 1968 through 2008.

Link: “Leo M. Frank and the American Jewish Community” American Jewish Archive Journal, November, 1968, Volume 20, Number 2, by Leonard Dinnerstein.

Leonard Dinnerstein’s racist hatespeech Hoax and anti-Gentile blood libel Manufactured in 1968, perpetuated as popular culture for more than 4 decades (and repeated by people like Abraham Foxman who published an Op Ed on his ADL.org web site, August 18, 2005, claiming furious mobs of Southerners were shouting “hang the jew” or “kill the jew” outside the trial’s courtroom), Quote:

Beyond the main testimony, the jurors had little more on which
to base their decision than hearsay, rumors, and unsubstantiated
accusations. Yet most members of the public were thoroughly
convinced of the defendant’s guilt and made their voices heard,
The intense summer heat necessitated that the courtroom windows
be left open, and remarks from the crowds could be heard easily
by those inside. “Crack the Jew’s neck!” – “Lynch him!” – were
some of the epithets emerging from the more boisterous. Threats
were also made “against the jury that they would be lynched if
they did not hang that ‘damned sheeny.’ “

(Leonard Dinnerstein, American Jewish Archives, November, 1968, p. 110)

No newspaper ever reported these Jewish Pathological Lies fabricated by Jewish Domestic Extremists, during or after the Leo Frank Trial.

Three Major Atlanta Dailies: The Atlanta Constitution, The Atlanta Journal, The Atlanta Georgian (Hearst’s “Yellow Journalism”), The most relevant issues center around the four months spanning April 28th to August 27th 1913.

1. Atlanta Constitution Newspaper: The Murder of Mary Phagan, Coroner’s Inquest, Grand Jury, Investigation, Trail, Appeals, Shanking and Lynching of Leo Frank Case in the Atlanta Constitution Newspaper from 1913 to 1915. http://archive.org/details/LeoFrankCaseInTheAtlantaConstitutionNewspaper1913To1915

2. Atlanta Georgian newspaper covering the Leo Frank Case from April though August, 1913. http://archive.org/details/AtlantaGeorgianNewspaperAprilToAugust1913

3. Atlanta Journal Newspaper, April, 28, 1913, through till the end of August, 1913, pertaining to the Leo Frank Case: http://archive.org/details/AtlantaJournalApril281913toAugust311913

Leo Frank confirms he might have been in the bathroom of the metal room at the time Monteen Stover said his office was empty between 12:05pm and 12:10pm on Saturday, April 26, 1913: See the Atlanta Constitution, Monday, March 9, 1914, Leo Frank Jailhouse Interview.

Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Archive (1913, 1914):
Leo Frank Trial and Appeals Georgia Supreme Court File (1,800 pages). http://archive.org/details/leo-frank-georgia-supreme-court-case-records-1913-1914

“Leo M. Frank and the American Jewish Community” American Jewish Archive Journal, November, 1968, Volume 20, Number 2, by Leonard Dinnerstein.

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