About the Leo Frank Case Research Library Archive and the Mary Phagan Murder Mystery

Leo Frank Vintage Photo
Vintage Media of Leo Frank: Photograph from the Bain News Service, see the retouched version for publication in the New York World-Telegram, 26th of August in the year 1913. From the New York World Telegram & Sun Collection at the U.S. Library of Congress.


Forensic Time Travelers of the Imagination Presents: We are going both forward and backward in time in Atlanta, Georgia, during the early 20th century for a true crime epic saga and we will look at the case with new 21st-century eyes

One Hundred Years in the Making
The Leo Frank Research Library is meant to be more than just the world’s foremost educational adult learning archive about the infamous double murder that began as the “Mary Phagan Murder Case Mystery” and evolved into the case of Leo Frank. It also provides analysis and contextualization of each event in the history of this celebrated double homicide, unleashes its sociological mysteries, ponders the possible permutations of every moment along the plethora of time lines, exploring the theories of both defense and prosecution attorneys and considering possible solutions to questions many still ask one hundred years later.
So strap on your seat belt and get ready for the ride of your life. We will be traveling the circle of time.


Sectarianism: Anti-Semitism, Blood Libel, Racism, Regionalism, Class Conflict, and Anti-Gentilism

You are about to enter through a doorway in time and space to unlock the behavioral psychology of the Jewish-Gentile cultural conflict that was unofficially ignited in 1913 and has continued simmering for more than one hundred years, having progressed into an undeclared culture war. This case refuses to gather dust, and the turn of the 21st century has already seen a renewed interest in the Frank-Phagan affair, an intrigue unlike at any time in the last century since the main events began unfolding in 1913 and sensationalized in the American mainstream media for two years.

Anti-Semitism in America

For more than a century, the well-organized Jewish community has established for each successive generation the mainstream cultural orthodoxy and popular-culture social history about the Leo Frank case, propounding the affair as the following Jewish-Gentile morality tale: the conviction of Leo Frank was an unjust anti-Semitic railroading and assassination of an innocent “Yankee” Jew in a vast prejudiced conspiracy because of racist Southern Gentiles, media frenzies, police corruption, and an unscrupulous district attorney prosecuting the case with political ambitions to become a future governor of Georgia. To understand the Jewish position about the Frank-Phagan affair, we will closely examine, fact-check, and analyze every Jewish work about the case since 1913, including materials by non-Jews supporting the commonly held Jewish positions and narratives of the case.

Anti-Gentilism in American

Many Southerners claim Leo Frank was fairly tried, and every level of the United States appeals courts rejected his frivolous petitions, thus upholding the trial’s fairness, even with the minority dissent. Numerous Southerners also believe there was more than enough evidence to convict Leo Frank in 1913, well beyond a reasonable doubt, and that there is still sufficient evidence today, via modern standards of analysis, to uphold the verdict in the Leo Frank case in the 21st century and beyond. Southerners are calling for an open inquiry into the primary and secondary sources of the Frank-Phagan case by 21st century academic scholars, law students, researchers, historians, and general public of all demographics and from all backgrounds. The Leo Frank Research Library is calling for a full national inquiry into this century-old complex case that remains as a cultural conflict smoldering under the surface of modern Jewish-Gentile relations.

The 21st-Century Gentile Position on the Frank-Phagan Case

Many Gentiles who take the time to study the case and fact-check the claims propounded by advocates of the majority Jewish position believe the Leo Frank case has been, and is currently, being used as a Jewish cultural conflict with European-Americans and African-Americans. The almost monolithic conclusion of the Jewish community concerning who killed Mary Phagan is that the Negro factory roustabout, James “Jim” Conley, committed the dastardly crime by himself as a robbery murder cover-up, without Leo Frank having any participation and knowledge of the incident.

Dispassionate Gentile Students of the Frank-Phagan Case Question Jewish Evolutionary Strategy

As students of the case, we might ask if this is beyond good and evil. Is the Jewish community using the Leo Frank case as a blood libel racial psychology weapon against Gentiles to advance Jewish evolutionary strategy? Or was the Leo Frank case a genuine case of malicious, violent anti-Semitism against an innocent man? What really happened?

The Last Word? The Leo Frank Case Must Be Re-Examined by American Citizenry of the 21st Century

This library is not intended to be the last word on the Frank-Phagan affair, but instead, it offers an archive as a starting point for 21st-century discussions about this often misunderstood case that began in 1913 and ended in 1986. Or did it end? Will there be further attempts to have Leo Frank fully exonerated, or on the flip side, will there be efforts to have his posthumous pardon, which did not officially absolve him of guilt, revoked? Our educational archive requests that the public give a 21st-century second opinion based upon official Georgia legal records, including mainstream primary source media reports (1913-1915), and compare them with the ever-changing narratives from 1915 to 2015. Our research staff will examine, analyze, sift, and fact-check every surviving representation, whether the subject work be a book, Broadway musical, documentary, miniseries, magazine, periodical or newspaper article written about or associated with the Frank-Phagan affair. Please join us in these efforts.

The Seventy-Three Year Long Case of Leo Frank, 1913 – 1986: Open or Closed?

As 21st-century students of the Frank-Phagan affair, we are compelled to ask: Does the testimony, evidence, and exhibits of this case sustain the guilt of Leo Frank or Jim Conley? Or was there connivance that remains unexplored? We also must examine unthinkable and unspeakable permutations that neither the defense nor prosecution dared to consider, even if improbable: Did Mary Phagan have a prearranged rendezvous with Leo Frank that noon? All permutations and variations that have been uncharted and undiscovered before the 21st century must be pondered and fleshed out, even if they lead to blind alleys or dead ends. We must be fearless as forensic scientists as we travel the avenues of the time web, examining each lane within them.

Tight and Narrow

To determine the clearest picture of the circumstances unfolding as the Leo Frank case played itself out to its deadly conclusion and contentious aftermath, start by reviewing the chain of events as published separately in the three major local Atlanta newspapers, Atlanta Georgian, Atlanta Constitution, and Atlanta Journal (1913 to 1915), followed by the official record of the Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Case file documents: Volumes 1 and 2 (1913, 1914), http://www.leofrank.org/images/georgia-supreme-court-case-files/, containing within it the Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence (1913).

The Jewish-Gentile American Media War Born within the Mary Phagan Case Investigation and Leo Frank Trial

The Leo Frank case became a major national media cause celebre and agitation campaign for the Jewish community, while at the same time an inferno of outrage erupted in response to what Southerners perceived as outside meddling from people who never studied the Leo Frank trial brief of evidence. Amongst Georgians and, more broadly, Southerners, Tom Watson articulated what many citizens of Georgia and felt about the case (Jeffersonian Publishing Company, Watson’s Jeffersonian Newspaper, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917; Watson’s Magazine, 1915 issues January, March, August, September, and October).

In toto: The Atlanta daily newspaper accounts from April to August 1913 and official legal archives of the trial and appeals (1913-1915), as described above, when combined, represent several thousand pages of detail-rich elucidating reading material.

For Gentiles the Best Mary Phagan Murder Case Analysis Supporting the State of Georgia’s Prosecution of Leo Frank

If you don’t have the spare time to study these voluminous pages from the annals of Southern history, you can read the most tight and cogent analysis of the Leo Frank trial and Jewish media wars in Watson’s Magazine issues August, September, and October of 1915.

Jewish-Inspired Insurrection

Tom Watson also provided more in-depth analysis of the Frank-Phagan affair in numerous weekly editions of The Jeffersonian newspaper (provided on this site) primarily focused between the years of 1914 and 1917, when the Jewish media defamation wars of sedition erupted across the United States of America, agitating against the people of Georgia and her state legal system (See Newspaper section of the Leo Frank Research Library).

The Best Overall Neutral Sources for Analysis of the Frank-Phagan Case

If you find that Tom Watson’s ad hominem attacks, energetic venom, delicious sarcasm, and wit over the top, then an excellent overview of the investigation and trial can be gleaned from the early 20th century neutral treatment, The Frank Case: Inside Georgia’s Greatest Murder Mystery, written anonymously and published in 1913 by the Atlanta Publishing Company. This scarce item is notably the first book ever written and published about the Leo Frank trial. It is required reading and must be examined.

The Abridged Version of the Trial Transcript Survived to the 21st Century

Trial Transcript Published in the Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta Georgian, and Atlanta Journal

If you find the Leo Frank trial testimony as recorded in the local Atlanta daily newspaper accounts (July 28 to August 21, 1913) long winded, then the best distillation, ratified by the presiding judge, defense, and prosecution attorneys, is the transcript digest, known as the Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence (1913). We are proud to state we are the first to publish the 1913 official “BOE” (Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence) on the Internet in 2010.

The Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence

The Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence is mandatory reading to ascertain what this case was really about, followed by, the elusive closing arguments of prosecution and defense counselors in their abridged format within American State Trials Volume X published in 1918 by John Davison Lawson LLD (also available on The Internet Archive www.Archive.org).

Compare the Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence with the Trial Transcript Published in Three Atlanta Dailies

Students of the case, interested in doing intensive research, should meticulously compare the Atlanta daily newspaper accounts to see what these publications left out of Leo Frank’s four-hour speech. Interestingly enough, the Atlanta Georgian and Atlanta Constitution intentionally left out of their published reports Leo Frank’s statement to the trial jury on August 18, 1913, about his unconscious bathroom visit. Only the Atlanta Journal published this ineluctable statement in their reports. Check it out.

Finally, the best late 20th-century neutral review of the Leo Frank case, detailing how it played out between 1913 and 1986, is: The Murder of Little Mary Phagan, by Mary Phagan-Kean (1987, 1989), which stands out as one of the most even-handed and honest books ever written about the case. In fact, most people, Jews and Gentiles alike, find it rather ironic that the grandniece and modern namesake of little Mary Phagan, being so emotionally close to the case, was able to produce one of the most neutral accounts until the 21st century centennials of the double murder. It is compulsory reading.

Expect some of the best books ever to be written about the case to be released after the double murder centennials in the years and decades to come because of The Leo Frank Research Library. Our website won’t be on the Internet forever, so download the primary sources and items no longer in copyright. And please upload them to as many free online libraries and archives as humanly possible.

The Jewish Community: Leo Frank Case Analysis for Jewish Domestic Extremists Obsessed with Anti-Gentile Conspiracies

Jewish Evolutionary Strategy:

If you are less interested in the hard facts, evidence, and testimony of the Leo Frank case and more concerned with the Jewish version of the Leo Frank epic saga, where Frank is transformed from serial pedophile and convicted child killer into mythological stoic hero martyr of anti-Semitism and patron spiritual father of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL), read the secondary sources of this dramatized case written exclusively on behalf of myopic self-deception: Advancing Jewish Evolutionary Strategy should never be seen as inherently good or evil, but it must be examined and understood. Please purchase these books below from Amazon books and eBay auctions. Students studying this case at our library archive should purchase these books.

The Samuelses’ Night Fell on Georgia (1956),

Harry Golden’s A Little Girl Is Dead (1964),

Leonard Dinnerstein’s Ph.D. Dissertation (1966) and

The Leo Frank Case editions (1968 to 2008),

The Freys’ The Silent and the Damned (1988, 2002),

Steve Oney’s And the Dead Shall Rise (2003),

and Elaine Marie Alphin’s The Prosecution and Persecution of Leo Frank (2010).

Also review these other politically correct versions of the Frank case presenting the same ethnocentric Jewish position of complicated victimhood:

The Murder of Mary Phagan Miniseries (1988), by Orion Pictures Corporation and NBC;

Parade the Leo Frank Musical, by Jason Robert Brown and Alfred Uhry (1998);

Black-Jewish Relations on Trial: Leo Frank and Jim Conley in the New South, by Jeffrey Melnick (2000);

Old Religion, by David Mamet (2002);

People verses Leo Frank by Ben Loeterman and Steve Oney (2009), and

Screening a Lynching: The Leo Frank Case on Film and Television, by Matthew Bernstein (2009).

For the research purposes of this educational website, you should acquire all of these items as we continue to study, fact-check, and deconstruct them. They can easily be purchased at www.Amazon.com or eBay.com.

The God’s-Eye View

For the broad view and beginning to understand the far-reaching implications this century-long smoldering Jewish-Gentile cultural war of agitation ignited in 1913 — brimming with racial, religious, sectarian, class, and regional tensions — one should read, carefully sift, and fact-check all of the primary, secondary, and tertiary sources of this case by cross-referencing them. You will be most impressed by the research efforts we made to acquire the primary sources. We just recently acquired the brief of evidence concerning the Pinkerton Detective Agency versus National Pencil Company legal drama — it is rarely mentioned in detail in any retellings of the case. We are proud to be the first to publish photographs of the original documents on our library archive.

Jewish Culture War against White Americans and Western Civilization in Totality: One Hundred Years in the Making of Jewish Evolutionary Strategy

Even more politically correct fictionalized versions of the Leo Frank case are expected to be published with the double murder centennials arriving within the years 2013 and 2015, so stay tuned for more of Jewish morality lesson tales and fables about this infamous case to continue its slowly mutating evolutionary path, as one of a thousand species, engaged for Jewry’s subversive and multifront culture and genetic wars, waged in the popular culture against the United States of America and Western Civilization. This case is a cultural phenomena that refuses to gather dust no matter how much time passes.

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith Spawned by the Conviction of Leo Frank

We would also like you to meet the American-Israeli Anti-Semitism Lobby: The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL), founded October 20, 1913, galvanized in direct response to the conviction of Leo Max Frank, which the Anti-Defamation League believes was inspired by malicious prosecution, extreme prejudice, racial bias, rumors, blood libel, canards, tropes, and anti-Semitism hanging heavy in the courtroom. Abraham Foxman stated in several newspaper articles published online that it was not the conviction of Leo Frank that led to the founding of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, because Sigmund Livingston had the idea before, and he is correct based on what the research shows. In fact, Leo Frank may have given Sigmund Livingston that idea or added inspiration. Two months before the murder of Mary Phagan, Leo Frank had contacted the national office of B’nai B’rith complaining about caricatures of Jews on stage perpetuated in underground theaters. Thus in the immediate aftermath of Leo Frank’s conviction, B’nai B’rith created the ADL, a group that has played a leading role in making the public think Leo Frank was wrongfully convicted because of anti-Semitism.

Abraham Foxman’s Hate Crime Hoax

The Anti-Defamation League claims on their website www.ADL.org in an Op Ed piece by Abraham Foxman (Lessons of the Leo Frank Case Still Relevant, by Abraham H. Foxman [also promoting his book via Harper San Francisco], August 18, 2005) that people were shouting hate speech death mantras and vociferous anti-Semitic lynching threats outside the Leo Frank trial, where the windows were open, thus implying the intimidation of the jury and disruption the daily court proceedings. We publish screen captures of this Anti-Defamation League hate crime hoax in case they ever decide to quietly purge this anti-Gentile blood libel down the memory hole.

“Hang the Jew, Hang the Jew…”

This ADL-sponsored blood libel hate hoax will be debunked on this website with the Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Case Records (1913, 1914) and Atlanta newspaper accounts of the trial and aftermath (1913, 1914, 1915). Steve Oney and Mary Kean have looked deeply into this alleged matter, and both have suggested this alleged anti-Semitic death chanting incident has not a single shred of evidence to sustain it in the Atlanta media reports or official legal records of the case.

The Big Picture: Welcome to the Leo Frank Research Library and Archive. Our domain name, www.LeoFrank.org, was purchased on January 17, 2010, and the domain remained idle for several months until time became available to install the bare-bones ‘Thesis’ WordPress script (we highly recommend this WP script for researchers, teachers, educators, and academics).

Our educational website’s grand opening was on August 18, 2010, to commemorate the 97th anniversary of the four-hour unsworn Leo Max Frank trial statement, delivered in the Fulton County Superior Court to the judge, jury, Messrs. and staff counselors, government staff, magistrates, families, witnesses, police, detectives, and 200+ spectators on August 18, 1913, between 2:15 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. During this time, Leo Frank made a startling revelation of delicious irony, amounting to something Leo Frank’s detractors would describe as almost equivalent to a murder trial confession, but for many unbiased viewers it was no confession. But delectably, Leo Frank had threaded the needle’s eye of the prosecution’s case. He pitched a grand slam to the State’s prosecution case when he made an incriminating statement that ineluctably entrapped himself, but it was no confession, because he always maintained his innocence. So what really happened?

Gladiators in the Arena of the Fulton County Superior Court

The legal system’s brightest minds in Georgia, sparring in the old city hall building that had witnessed Leo Frank’s statement to the court, were left dumbfounded, shocked, and perplexed, but Frank would maintain to those who would listen that he was innocent and that his vindication would eventually come until his last moments on August 17, 1915. Just before being hanged by his captors, regarding his innocence or guilt, when Leo Frank was asked, he had something interesting to say. Look inside our library archive and find out what eyewitnesses at Leo Frank lynching had to say about the events leading up to the last moments of his life and in the immediate aftermath of his death.

The Southern Trial of the Century

Welcome to the most incendiary trial in annals of United States of America legal history. This “Trial of the Century” transmogrified into an epic saga of centennial proportions. It has been reborn as an international cause celebre for the Jewish community, with worldwide fanfare for the Leo Frank musical known as Parade (see our review of Parade the Leo Frank Musical), playing to sold-out crowds in playhouses and theaters all over the globe. Parade has become an international cult sensation. More books have been written about the Leo Frank case in the last fifty years of this centenary conflict than in the first fifty. But even more so, the 21st century has seen a Leo Frank revival of colossal proportions with new books, films, articles, conferences, retellings, and revised editions of previously released books. Anticipate more to come.

While the musical Parade continues to spread like wildfire and the case continues to excite the passions of masses, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, known as ADL, approved for the vast American School System of Higher Education the history-falsifying Leo Frank documentary released in 2009 called the People vs. Leo Frank, by Jewish-American Director Ben Loeterman and Journalist-Author Steve Oney as senior consultant. The ADL put out a teacher’s guide for educators to download and conduct proselytizing of Gentile students with deracinating shame and guilting morality lessons on behalf of the Jewish community (see: Jewish Evolutionary Strategy). To put it another way, the Anti-Defamation League’s teacher training guide on their website is designed to corrupt private and public school systems and poison the minds of children everywhere on the planet, not just the United States.

The ADL, True Crime Docudrama, and United States Educational System

This Jewish-American true crime documentary by Ben Loeterman (2009) certifiably omits 99% of the Leo Frank trial evidence, exhibits, and testimony, if one fact-checks it against the official records and primary sources. This compliments the child mind-poisoning treatment by Elaine Marie Alphin’s book, The Prosecution and Persecution of Leo Frank, perpetuating anti-Gentile conspiracy theories that white Southern Gentiles are so anti-Semitic, they would willfully, knowingly, and intentionally allowed a guilty black rapist go free to imprison an innocent white German-Jew (Alphin 2010). More books like this are sure to come.

The Anti-Defamation League’s War against the Human Race: Multiculturalism for Non-Jews, Racial Supremacism for Jews and Israel

The Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center, like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, are some of the biggest advocates for Israel in the United States and across the world. All the while, children of Palestinians are suffering under systematic Israeli state-sponsored racism, Jewish crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing. Honestly, we might ask: are these Jewish civil rights and advocacy groups a mask of sophisticated racial hatred propounded on a collective consciousness level? Or is this beyond love and hate, good and evil, racial division and unity, just simply Jewish evolutionary strategy at work? “Everyone like us is we, everyone not like us is them”? The usual us versus them paradigm?

Behind the Mask of Jewish Civil Rights Groups

Palestinian children have been literally malnourished, underfed, intentionally deprived of water and medical treatment, and dispossessed under the Israeli Apartheid occupation and imperialist-expansionist policies for more than sixty years. The Anti-Defamation League and other Jews would claim the accusation of Israel Apartheid is an anti-Semitic smear, but the people living under this real-life brutal occupation cannot even vote in Israeli elections and do not have the same civil rights as Israelis. So why does the ADL and SPLC call Israel a vibrant “democracy”? AIPAC has ensured the United States of America continues tacitly financing the settlements built on stolen Palestinian land in the occupied territories, even though they are illegal under international law.

Multiculturalism for America, Xenophobia and Racism for Israel the “Jewish State”

The Jewish leaders, financiers, and occupiers of all the Western governments — whether equivalent to “Democrats” or “Republicans” and “capitalists” or “socialists” — have seized power by playing both sides against each other and promote multiculturalism for the formerly Euro-Caucasian Western nations, but a diametrically opposite xenophobic, ethno-religious, racialism for the State for Israel. Even Atheist Jews can easily get citizenship in Israel if they prove their heredity. Belief in the Jewish deity or religion is not required to be a citizen of Israel. Israel is a racial supremacist ethnostate.

Multiculturalism for Everyone Else, Racial Purity for Jews: Jewish Evolutionary Strategy

The new-speak mantra for Zionist politicians and Jewish mainstream media pundits is calling Israel a “democratic and Jewish State.” This ultimate height of racist insolence has continued for more than six decades by the U.S.-sponsored government of Israel and the well-funded U.S. Jewish Lobby groups, like the Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and all the other Jewish alphabet soup groups that openly or implicitly support Israeli Apartheid, but on the flip side, in America, the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center promotes displacement multiculturalism and the equivalent of open borders for the United States of America, knowing full well history teaches that all multiracial empires crumble into vicious bloodshed on irreversible catastrophic levels. Thank you, Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center, for preaching one set of subversive ideologies for the United States of America and turning a blind eye to the contradictory policies promoted by the “Jewish and Democratic” State of Israel. This is the Jewish evolutionary strategy lens we intend to apply to the Leo Frank case, and it will illuminate the very nature of this Jewish-Gentile conflict.

Jewish-American Journalist-Author Steve Oney (second left) participating at synagogue: Brith Sholom Beth Israel who at the time was celebrating the 150th Anniversary in Charleston, South Carolina, circa October 2004.

As Leo Frank Revisionist journalist-author Steve Oney once put it: The Leo Frank case is “one of the most complex and incendiary episodes in Georgia’s past” (Features: And the Dead Shall Rise, 2004).

For More Than a Century the Leo Frank Case Appears to Serve Three Major Purposes: Jewish Evolutionary Strategy

First, the Leo Frank case is used as a multi-generation cultural weapon by Jews against Gentiles to deracinate, demonize, and demoralize European-Americans. This case serves as a morality lessons tale to shame European-Americans for their once greater and more cohesive culture of ethnic solidarity.

Second, the Leo Frank case is being utilized as a divisive tool to reinforce the tribal xenophobia inherent in Jewish culture and DNA, while perpetuating the myth that American culture is hostile to Jewish interests and civil rights. Thus, the Frank case is a “reminder” for Jews that anti-Semitism in due process of law is just lurking around the corner.

Third, the Leo Frank case is a broad money-making scheme for Jewish Supremacist groups like the ADL, SPLC, and other Jewish domestic extremist organizations, not only on a group level, but on an individual level as well. For Jews who invoke the case, there is big money to be made fanning anxiety and fear. The saga has also helped to line the pockets of unscrupulous Jews who have shamelessly twisted the case in Leo Frank’s favor through every kind of mainstream media outlet–books, articles, songs, Broadway-style plays, musicals, documentaries, miniseries, conferences, and other means of human expression–some of them quite lucrative.

Anti-Semitism as Jewish Evolutionary Strategy Revisited

Studying the Leo Frank case allows one to kick open the worm-eaten rotting door from the old epoch of the Jewish-Gentile conflict to see how fear-mongering groups like the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center, well-funded Jewish domestic extremist organizations, masquerading as civil rights groups for all, have been able to raise many millions of dollars each year pimping out anti-Semitism. The dysfunctional symbiotic relationship between Jews and Gentiles spans millennia, since the transformation of Western Civilization from the Ancient Greek and Roman empires to the American Empire today as the final clash of the 21st century sees the West in irreversible terminal decline. The relentless promotion of open immigration by Jewish groups made this possible, and there is no turning back. Even if the borders were closed, the non-white breeding populations within are a demographic time bomb.

Jewish America’s Gift to the Crumbling Empire of Western Civilization

America has enabled Jews to acquire more wealth and power in the last one hundred years than at any other time or place in the 5,800-year history of Pax Judaica, what we call the borderless international tribe of Jewry today. Jews use their eugenically bred high intelligence and power-gathering predilections to claw their way upward in culturally devastating ways in the host countries they occupy.Their successful efforts in media domination and control of the U.S. government will likely lead to chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons being used against the United States and Western Civilization as a whole during the 21st century. The Jewish Arab Holy War came to America on September 11, at the beginning of this new millennium, and new terrorist attacks continue to erupt across the West.

Jewish extremists threaten America’s long-term survival into the 21st and 22nd century with their relentless agitation against the majority culture. It seems odd that a people who gained so much freedom and wealth from America would actively work to multiculturalize it by destroying European-American hegemony and instigating stalemate foreign policies of endless Middle Eastern wars, which guarantee escalating incidents of blow back at devastating levels, like 9-11, where three thousand Americans were murdered as collateral damage in the Jewish-American Middle East culture war.

The Leo Frank case is part of this racial multifront war against the West.

The Cult and Mythology of Leo Max Frank 1913 to 2015

The cultural phenomena of the Leo Frank case has waxed and waned in the public consciousness over the decades, taking on a life of its own, and it refuses to gather cobwebs and become quiescent. To paraphrase the behavioral genetics professor Kevin MacDonald, the Leo Frank case has become a Jewish morality tale against Gentiles. We encourage you to view the Leo Frank case through the lens of Jewish evolutionary strategy.

The Flower of Womanhood

In the years surrounding the turn of the 21st century, leading up to the double centennial of this sensational double murder (2013, 2015), an inflammatory rebirth of the Leo Frank case has reignited the century-long cultural conflict smoldering beneath the surface, as Jews use it to shame Gentiles even further over their past of seeking to protect the woman of their race and preserve the continued survival of their heritage, traditions, genealogy, and recessive gene pool. Jewish extremists are waging a DNA war on a genetic algorithm level by attacking natural instincts of European-Americans as evil and irrational and associating it with the Frank case for their deracinating propaganda efforts to misrepresent the legal records and distort history of the American past with new “social justice” paradigms.

1913: The Birth of the Jewish Culture War against European-Americans

The year 1913 marked the start of quiet, slow terminal decline for the United States of America, resulting from the birth of the Federal Reserve, Income Tax, and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith. In 2013, we have reached the point of no return, where we can do nothing to avert the death of the West.

Since 1913, Jewish lobbies and activist groups have steadily expanded in number and power. In 2013, the Federal Reserve quietly bankrupts the United States with fiat currency that lost 99% of its value in one hundred years, income tax has escalated infinitely higher than it was one hundred years ago, and endless wars for Israel in the Middle East squander the treasury as well as American blood. And the power of Jewish lobbies has grown to transnational superpower proportions, enabling them to control U.S. Congress and manipulate domestic and foreign policy, which means they ultimately influence all international politics in the United Nations.

Step Back in Time

Concerning 20th century U.S. legal history, the Leo Frank trial, beginning on July 28, 1913, is considered one of the essential criminal cases defining Southern history because it sparked a Jewish-Gentile social, political, and cultural hostility that evolved into something immeasurable a century after the lynching of Leo Frank on August 17, 1915.

The Leo Frank case became an aggressive political and social front, allowing a dissenting minority of Jews to subvert the majority population of Gentiles. An insidious Jewish multifront war of entropy against Western Civilization that began in 1913 has achieved its ultimate success in 2013: European-Americans are now at the point of no return, where they can no longer vote themselves out of a multicultural society that will genetically displace them in less than one hundred years. And because the U.S. government is too powerful and pervasive, with some of the most advanced military technology in the world, no armed conflict by revolutionary insurgents could overthrow the U.S. Jewish occupied government known as ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government).

With the American Empire slowly crumbling, the areas with high Jewish population concentrations will likely become the target of chemical, energy, and biological terrorism by Muslim extremists, and there will be even bigger Gentile casualties as collateral damage.

If Western Civilization is going to survive into the 22nd century, it must become genetically conscious and seize the reigns of its own evolutionary destiny, or World War III, the death of the West in its final conflict with multiculturalism, and a second Holocaust of Jews in the eight digits will arrive well before the 21st century ends.

The Elusive Trial Transcript from the Celebrated Case of Leo Frank

The month-long murder trial of Leo Frank broke all prior records in the annals of Georgia legal history and was widely cited as the longest and most expensive trial at the time. More than two hundred witnesses swore under oath and testified at this sensational trial for the defense and prosecution. The trial transcript of State’s Prosecution and Leo Frank Defense team, questions, and witness responses were captured as a stenographic record, in total, numbering approximately 1,080,060 words (Phagan Kean 1989), in a seven-volume set, in shorthand on over 3,647 pages of legal cap paper (Rosser, Bass, 1914). The entire collection of the shorthand stenographed trial transcript was stolen sometime in the early 1960s, coincidentally at the time ex-con Harry Golden was writing his book and graduate student Leonard Dinnerstein was composing his thesis about the Leo Frank case. What a shame that some unknown person(s) would expunge the original shorthand records of one of the most unique trials in the annals of United States history.

Fortunately, The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta Journal, and Atlanta Georgian independently published the trial testimony and questions in slightly different formats. Thus, the official Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence (1913) — the dry leaves of the official record — ratified by the presiding Judge Leonard Strickland Roan, Hugh M. Dorsey, Frank Arthur Hooper, Luther Zeigler Rosser, and Reuben Rose Arnold — is the final legal arbiter; a digest indicating the newspaper accounts of the proceedings were relatively accurate and not unreasonable in their attempts at neutrality.

So what is the substance of the Leo Frank Trial Brief of Evidence distilled when compared against the three Atlanta newspaper accounts? We encourage you to explore our library archive and find out.

The Leo Frank Trial Closing Arguments by Hugh Manson Dorsey, Frank Arthur Hooper, Luther Zeigler Rosser, and Reuben Rose Arnold

From Thursday, August 21, 1913, when the trial examination period ended, there would be four days of closing arguments (not including Sunday) until Monday, August 25, 1913, given by Luther Zeigler Rosser, Frank Arthur Hooper, Reuben Rose Arnold, and Hugh Manson Dorsey. At noon on August 25, 1913, when Hugh M. Dorsey finished his epic closing arguments, the church bells tolled with perfect timing. The petit jury received instructions from the presiding Judge Leonard Strickland Roan and then retreated to private quarters to deliberate on the Leo Frank evidence, exhibits, and testimony. After being given their final orders, the jurymen left the presence of Judge Roan at 1:35 p.m. that Monday afternoon, before returning with their decision hours later.

Jury Deliberation

The jury settled into their private quarters upstairs on the third floor and began deliberation at 1:49 p.m. The first vote was 11 to 1, because of the technicality that one juror wanted them to discuss the case longer, just in case, to make sure they weren’t accused of deciding too quickly. After two hours of deliberation, a final decision was made at 3:39 p.m., and at 4:56 p.m., the jury of twelve men funneled into the courtroom where they rendered a unanimous verdict of guilt against Leo Frank, but that wasn’t the only thing Judge Leonard Strickland Roan requested of them.

Jury Recommendation for Sentencing

The judge also asked the jury for a recommendation concerning a punishment for Leo Frank if found guilty. They had the option of recommending “with mercy” or “without mercy” — life in prison or death by hanging. For Leo Frank, the jury made a recommendation of “without mercy,” which in layperson’s terms means they unanimously recommended a capital punishment sentence. This suggested they had no doubt that Leo Frank was guilty, because if any doubts lingered in their minds, they could have sentenced Leo Frank to life in prison. The judge had the power if he doubted the verdict or sentencing of the jury to give Leo Frank a new trial or downgrade the jury’s death sentence decision to life in prison. The final verdict was unanimous 13 to 0, as was the belief in the punishment.

Judge Roan commiserated with the jury for their service to the State of Georgia during the longest murder trial in the South, when looking back upon the annals of Southern history at that time. As one of the most respected and conscientious judges in Southern jurisprudence, Roan thanked them for their participation, and the men were officially relieved of their service after completing their duty and being discharged. They were each paid a sum of $59 each or $2 a day for twenty-nine days + $1 bonus.

Judgment Day: Ratified Verdict and Sentencing

At 10:20 a.m. on Tuesday morning, August 26, 1913, Judge Leonard Strickland Roan, agreeing with the verdict, after much consideration, affirmed it, and then sentenced Leo Frank to be hanged by the neck until dead, with the execution date set for Friday, October 10, 1913. If the judge had any doubts about Frank’s guilt, he could have sentenced him to life in prison. It was within his judicial power to do so. The defense immediately appealed for a new trial on August 27, 1913, and an amended their motion with 107 grounds.

The Founding of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith in October 1913

Jewish scholars most often cite the conviction of Atlanta B’nai B’rith President Leo Frank as being the impetus for the founding of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith in October of 1913, which states its purpose “is to stop the defamation of the Jewish people, to secure justice and fair treatment to all citizens alike” (except for Palestinians, Arabs, Kurds, Armenians, Christians, Southerners, European-Americans, heterosexuals, and white Gentiles anywhere in the world).

Lernaean Hydra of the Jewish Anti-Semitism Lobby

Oddly enough, many people across the political spectrum from multicultural leftists, social Democrats, and racially conscious right-wing Christian conservatives (politics makes strange bedfellows) perceive the ADL as nothing more than a hydra-head of Jewish espionage. The ADL serves as a spy agency that masquerades as a civil rights group, selectively fighting against racism and prejudice on behalf of Jews living outside and inside of Israel and occasional token non-White groups when it serves Jewish causes. At the same time, this “civil rights” group advocates for an exclusively ethno-religious Jewish Democratic State in Israel and, even worse, turns a blind eye to the six decades of ethnic cleansing, illegal occupation, genocide, racism, bigotry, xenophobia, bullying, crimes against humanity, prejudice, and terrorism committed by Jews against Palestinians that has yet to cease.

The ADL Promotes Racial Diversity for America and All of Western Civilization, But Supports a Jewish Racist Ethno-Religious State for Israel

To learn more about the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, visit our ADL section and decide for yourself if this organization is a genuine civil rights group for all people or a two-faced subversive organization with one agenda, undermining Western Civilization when it benefits Jews, and another, supporting with both silence and open advocacy, the state-sponsored terrorism and genocide in Israel against non-Jews. The Leo Frank case has evolved into a Jewish civil rights group with a treasury slush fund of more than $100,000,000.00 (one hundred million dollars) a year to infect the United States and Western Civilization with Jewish HIV, the virus that causes Jewish AIDS, by God’s chosen ethno-religious people who are the traditional murderers and enemies of Western Civilization. This is the century echo of an epoch that spans the millennia of Jewish-Gentile history.

Anti-Semitic View of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith under the Jewish Lobby Umbrella

Anti-Semites (the label given to people who understand Jewish evolutionary strategy, pathology, behavioral patterns, and tribal warfare) believe groups like the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center are an equivalent metaphors for the HIV virus that causes AIDS, an immune system destroying virus resulting in many disease-related symptoms affecting the human body. The ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center are perceived by so-called anti-Semites as a Jewish groups trying to destroy the immune system of individual formerly white countries within Western Civilization. The ADL labels immune-system-like white blood cells, known as patriots and Christian advocates, as domestic terrorists, extremists, and racists, especially when these groups support traditional values for the no-longer-majority Euro-Caucasian demographic in the United States. Yet the genetic preservation of the Jewish ethno-religious bloodline is the highest priority for Israel, even if that means committing mass murder upon the countries surrounding them.

The Two Faces of the ADL: Ultra Left Wing for America and Ultra Right Wing for Israel


Post-Conviction of Leo Frank

The conviction of Leo Frank was not the end of the affair; the case would continue onward for two more years wending its way through the U.S. court of appeals at state and federal levels from 1913 until April 1915, and then a commutation appeals process.

The Leo Frank trial was unlike any other in U.S. history because it became an ugly cause celebre of agitation by the Jewish community against the State of Georgia’s system of justice, which is considered most favorable to those accused of murder. The Jewish media war reached even as far away as some major cities in Europe, via Judaic newspapers in Moscow, Paris, and Rome, but with its greatest intensity nationally in the Northern and Western parts of the United States. The Jews used the Leo Frank case to agitate millions of citizens of the United States against Georgia, ostracizing its capital as a savage pariah entity that should be brought into line by the rest of the country. All of this elevated to a fevered pitch when Leo Frank became the darling of the national Jewish-dominated media outside of Georgia between 1913 and 1915, and as a result, it fanned the roaring inferno of rage in the U.S. South, especially in Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia, where poor working class white folks were eking out a living. The Leo Frank cause celebre became personal with many people living outside Georgia, writing letters on the behalf of Frank for a commutation, even from as far away as Europe, South America, Russia, and Australia. Sadly, the vast majority of this mail to Governor Slaton was never opened and ultimately purged in basement furnaces to heat government buildings.

Pseudo-Historians vs. Georgia Supreme Court

Today Jewish activist scholars, politically correct journalists, and people unfamiliar with the details of the case — as provided within its numerous surviving legal documents — all cite each other until the Leo Frank case has become popular culture mythos, centered on Jewish persecution and victimhood. Creative license has turned the Frank odyssey into a new religion, woven together as an anti-Semitic miscarriage of justice, media frenzy, and Southern prejudice. But most open-minded people who carefully study the official brief of evidence and Georgia Supreme Court Case file on Leo Frank tend to agree with the GA Supreme Court’s decision that the evidence and testimony presented at the Frank trial sustains a clear verdict of guilt: BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT! Especially since Leo Frank made that “unconscious” toilet admission while seated on the witness stand. Oops.

Racist Jewish Blood Libel

The century-long blood libel defamation campaign falsely accusing Southerners of an anti-Semitism that never existed in the masses as the reason Leo Frank was convicted is mainly perpetuated by Jewish groups, leaders, academics, journalists, and creative media types, and to a lesser degree politically correct liberal Gentiles. Who knows? Maybe the ADL can dig up some right wing Christian Zionists who will never read the legal records of the case to stand up for Leo Frank–after all, the South has suffered no shortage of Christian Zionists at any time in its history since the days of the colonies. Apparently, the Jewish community can find people of every political persuasion, left or right, to mutilate the case, but the tide of truth is turning against the fear-mongering pathological liars, ever since the legal records have been published on the Internet.

A Jewish Propaganda Tool to Strangle Western Civilization

It’s rather odd that Jews always advocate for widespread multiculturalism for European-American Gentiles while for themselves they promote ethnic-religious purity of the National Socialist type. Perhaps National Socialism was an evolutionary strategy mirroring to Judaism, as an algorithm of cultural survival for the nation of Germany that was infested with Jewish domestic extremists.

The Evolution of the Leo Frank Case

At the time, the Leo Frank case enthralled people. The public hungrily awaited news updates. Day by day, they fought for the news “extras” about the Mary Phagan murder investigation, coroner’s inquest, grand jury hearings, Leo Frank trial, and appeals.

The duty falls upon us to formulate a teaching guide to assist people as they study the art of agitprop manipulation engineered by Jews and how it is used to create orthodox popular culture.

2013 to 2015: The Leo Frank Case Goes Viral

A century after the trial, interest in the Leo Frank case has once again grown to colossal proportions. It began just before the turn of the 21st century with the release of the Broadway Leo Frank musical, Parade in 1998, a Frank partisan and revisionist dramatized version of the case that has little resemblance to what was printed in the newspapers and official legal records at the time. In the Jewish Broadway version of the case, Leo Frank meets Times Square, and thus Mary Phagan takes on a dramatized role as nothing more than a cheap plot device to launch an ambitious campaign against Frank with addictive jingles and cultist songs.

Parade hides the Jewish racism that became conspicuous during the Mary Phagan murder investigation. Leo Frank botched a racist gambit to frame his crime on the National Pencil Company’s African-American night watchman, Newt Lee, because in the white racial separatist South, they had the least amount of tolerance for black on white crime. Negroes were easy to convict in the Old South when it involved crimes against a white girl or woman being assaulted. When Leo Frank’s racist plot failed, he then changed course and used his legal defense team to blame the heinous crime on his African-American janitor, Jim Conley, the accessory after the fact.

Jews go out of their way to hide the Jewish racism of the Leo Frank case by drowning the indictment and conviction with false accusations of anti-Semitism. It’s a Jewish diversion and smear tactic that works effectively and has even convinced and paralyzed so many Gentiles with fear of being called an anti-Semite. One thing we learn from the Leo Frank case is that Jews are always pointing their fingers and accusing other people of the crimes they themselves commit in the extreme as a means of deflecting awareness of their two-faced disloyal and subversive nature as a race of Internationalists at war with the human race.

Ten years after Parade launched and floundered, its resurgence has gained a cult following due to its new trimmed down format, revived catchy songs, and dramatic scenes, portraying an innocent Yankee underdog Jew who feels out of place, stoically fighting against the colossal prejudiced Gentile society of Southern past. Local theaters across the United States have seized the Parade script with much fanfare, and its popularity has spread like unmitigated wildfire across the theater and drama circuit worldwide. The musical Parade is greatly responsible for breathing new interest in the Leo Frank case and ensuring this website gets worldwide visitors.

The Cult of Leo Frank and the Movement to Exonerate Him

All of the Leo Frank partisan revisionists’ treatments about the Leo Frank trial and appeals, published over the last one hundred years, are half-baked and Judaized. It’s close to impossible to catch a glimpse of what really happened from these secondary sources without first reading the primary sources of the Leo Frank case. Even worse, the vast majority of the books written on the case are written by Leo Frank partisan revisionists, who have intentionally omitted between 90 to 99% of case details, instead producing melodramatically spun accounts centered around sound bites and ridiculous cherry picking to the benefit of Frank that ultimately offer biased and toady accounts of what actually occurred. One cannot learn the truth by reading Leo Frank partisan accounts of the case because they shamelessly commit a kind of perjury and intentionally deceive the reader.

The Best of the Best Leo Frank Partisan Revisionist Books Falls Short

Even the best Leo Frank partisan revisionist book on the Leo Frank case written by Steve Oney, And The Dead Shall Rise, omits 96% of the details from the official Georgia Supreme Court Case documents on Leo M. Frank, a complete file that has luckily survived into the 21st century and is now available online, thanks to the Leo Frank Research Library, when it published these elusive high-resolution documents online in 2010. Moreover, the Leo Frank case is not for children, at least the uncensored version presented in the official Georgia Supreme Court Case File on Leo Frank — parental discretion is advised!

Jewish Greek Tragedy

In the annals of Jewish-American history, especially in the early 20th century, Leo Frank, one of Judaism’s most promising and prominent members, timelessly stands out as a monumental juggernaut of irony, tragedy, and controversy about a Jew who was wrongfully convicted for “preying” on little girls working for him. No other race on Earth has gone to such lengths attempting to exonerate a serial pedophile who made four separate and distinct admissions that amounted to ineluctably incriminating statements.

Apotheosis: The Crucifixion of Leo Frank

After Leo Frank was lynched in 1915, he became a high-rolling holy martyr of anti-Semitism, inseminating a new Jewish myth that has seemed to wax slowly as it incubated over the decades following his execution. The decades surrounding the turn of the 21st century and the centennial of Leo Frank’s lynching in 2015 have turned the full-term incubation of his martyrdom into the birthing of a full-blown cult of personality. It has all the markings of a new religious sect of Judaism, and potentially the eventual emergence of a new religion of the Frankite, Judeo-Frankitism.

This website intends give the public all the information that the Jews omitted from their retelling of the case over the last 100+ years, so strap on your seat belt and get ready to enter the time machine, we are folding the time-space continuum, delivering us to Atlanta, Georgia, on Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday, April 26, 1913.

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