Gentlemen’s Agreement: Anti-Semitism in America & American Pogrom: The Leo Frank Incident: Jan,. 23, 2013 from Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue on Vimeo.

Jewish Temples and Synagogues are being used as seditious nests for un-American Jewish domestic extremists waging culture wars of disinformation against Gentiles. Now more than ever, Jewish Temples all across the World are being used as rallying centers to falsify official legal records from the Fulton County Superior Court and Georgia Supreme Court, in an ugly effort to agitate against the United States of America and Western Civilization on behalf of a serial pedophile convicted of murdering his child employee. Compare what these Jewish culture-terrorists say on this video with the official Leo Frank trial brief of evidence and Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court documents, both of these records are available on ‘The Internet Archive’. Http://www.Archive.Org

Gentlemen’s Agreement: Anti-Semitism in America, Amanda Suskin, ADL and American Pogrom: The Leo Frank Incident, Richard Burstein, Past President of VBS.
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Leo Frank Georgia Supreme Court Records (Trial and State Appeals), 1913, 1914:

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